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Monday, January 9, 2012

What Real Men Do On The Weekend!

What do real men do on the weekends? Relax and take a nap? No way! Not in a house with 6 daughters. Let's take a closer look...
My two year old and eight year old girls gave dad a little make-over...
He seems to like the hair, so let's work on the toes...
Sometimes Mr. Right reads this blog and sometimes he doesn't. Let's see how long it takes before it gets back to him that I posted this. I'm so grateful for Mr. Right and his willingness to let our girls have a little fun with him. I'll be back tomorrow with my garage and auction finds and some updates on the shop. See you then. Love, Kelly.


  1. Hee hee! You will have to let us know what he says when he finds out you posted this. Six! My DH is one of 6 and has six sisters - lots of SILs for me.

  2. Oh your girls are so lucky to have such a Dad! I remember putting foam hair rollers in my Dad's hair with my sister -- we would say, on a weekend, "let's play WITH Daddy," and we really meant, play WITH him, as if he were a giant doll.

    My own daughters did likewise with my husband, who (luckily for them) had lovely brown curls they could style!

    Have your girls discovered the game "Hide the Penny On Daddy?" Always a big hit on a quiet Sunday afternoon ....

    LOVE this post!
    Tell your husband he is a GREAT guy, and is making memories for his daughters that they will always cherish.

  3. Kelly:

    This is hilarious! I did the same thng with my Dad--my house had 3 little girls.

    Agree with you and Cass, he sounds like such a gem and they will always remember this fondly. I know that I do about my own Dad.


  4. Yep! that's a real man, all right! Bless him! My hubby carries my handbag or floral cloth bag for me; he's a real man, too.

  5. That is just the cutest! My dad used to let me do things like that to him while he read the paper. I was SO happy to play beauty shop with him and even happier that he LET me!