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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Incredible Hulk Buffet

I've been itching to paint a piece in a nice green similar in shade to the incredible hulk.
I watched that show faithfully. (please don't judge me) I do a lot of black and cream (because its more neutral) so I was ready to dig into some color. Then along came this buffet.
Sorry, I didn't think to photograph it before the drawers were out.
I purchased it from a friend for $75 and it seemed the perfect piece to experiment with. I chose Martha Stewart's Bay Leaf as my green and spent an afternoon sanding, painting and waxing- LOVE the result. We took it down to the shop the next day- Here's the after...
A closer look...
Pretty close match to Mr. Incredible- I'd say. Well, it sold today (3 days later) for $250- I'm glad to see someone else appreciated this fabulous color. She fit perfectly in the space.
And now we'll need to redo it again! I'm completely out of merchandise right now so wish me luck this weekend as we try to stock up. Let me know what you think. Love, Kelly.


  1. I've got a few little things you can take down if you want, and I might paint tomorrow (or Thursday, depending on whether I can dig out of my current disorganized hole). Let me know.

  2. I want to win!
    dr_goss@yahoo dot com

  3. Love the green! You did a good job. Good for you that you made such a nice profit on it.

  4. Absolutely LOVE the green and the buffet. It looked FABULOUS! Love that you're branching out from the black and cream. And dying over the 250 you got for it. WOWZA!!! Way to go girl. Oh,a nd also, I want to win the giveaway.

  5. I want to win. Love the green buffet.

  6. That IS a fabulous color...I never thought of it, but that is the color of my kitchen and it IS indeed Incredible Hulk Green (I watched's ok).

  7. First of all, great job on the paint, it looks awesome! Second of all, Enter me into your giveaway, I'd be thrilled to learn directly from the experts. I want to WIN! :)

  8. The buffet looks amazing. What wax do you use and how do you use it?

  9. Groundhog:
    I use Briwax- which is a paste wax- for this I used clear and just used a soft cloth to rub on and then buff off.

    Jan, allyson, Cindyrella: Please leave your "I want to win comment" on the 1000 follower give-a-way post- there's a link at the top of our page. This will be the only way to use the random generator to choose the winner. Thanks so much.