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Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello Craig, Remember Me?

With a larger space at Qcumberz, I haven't sold on craigslist for a while. It seems like I've been working like crazy to keep that space full. However, I've decided if an item is in the space for 4 weeks and doesn't sell- It's coming home. I turned to craigslist this weekend with excellent results. I had purchased this little desk a while back for a few dollars at a yard sale.

My kids have loved playing school with it for the past year or so, but I'm trying to simplify- especially the toy room. I took it down to Qcumberz and didn't have any luck so I posted it on craigslist for $25. Sold in 1 hour! I also recently purchased two of these french dressers at auction...

One for $50 and the other for $55. We needed them to display the food at the vintage victorian wedding so I painted them black with a little distressing. Now that event has ended and there wasn't room in the shop for 2 dressers. Again, I turned to craigslist. SOLD $165 each. Craig, I've missed you. but hopefully we will see each other more often now. Love, Kelly.


  1. I just love those dressers. I really need to win your trashy weekend!
    Jaime G

  2. Cool, Kelly. I need to get back to Qcumberz to see your space!


  3. What a great return on your investment! Especially after using them for an event! wish i lived closer and I would have snatched it up for my living room! I still need to enter for the trashy weekend! I better do that now!

  4. The dressers turned out so beautiful and the reception looked flawless!! You did such a supberb job!