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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Two-Toned Desk

I was looking through the current issue of Phoenix Home& Garden and came across a picture of a 3-drawer dresser.  The drawers of the dresser were green, while the frame of the dresser was stained wood. 
A two-toned dresser?
I’ve seen them on blogs and such, but something about seeing this in print gave me the courage and inventiveness to try it on my own.
I’m so glad I found the desk the other day.  It’s perfect for my little experiment.
Remember, up until just a few months ago, I’d never even painted furniture before, so I’m still very new at this.
It is so rewarding to have an idea and see it come to pass.  
I worked on a few other pieces too.
An old wood garbage 
can turned shic.
And a little nightstand 
with a makeover.
I'm going down to the shop at QcumberZ today and can't wait to set up the space.


  1. Thank you for NOT distressing that desk. Anything mid-century modern (or with super-simple lines like that desk) really should never be distressed. I think people over-do it with distressing, personally. Lots of curves and lines? Yes, go for it. Super-simple and straight? No way! You did a fabulous job and I adore the color combo!

  2. Hi, I LOVE what you did with that nightstand. I have a desk that I would like to do a nearly identical thing to (color combo and all). I was wondering if you could tell me how you did it. I've never distressed anything before and don't even really know where to begin. Thanks so much!