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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cream is in.

I found this dresser a few weeks ago and listed it on craigslist.  
I had an offer for $75.00, barely making me a profit.
Should I sell it as-is?
Or should I paint it cream and then try to sell it?
The kids, and our neighbor and the dog played right next to me in my parked car while I worked on sanding, then painting.  I had the stereo on, cookies passed around, it was a grand time.
What a difference the cream-colored paint made!
It sold within 24 hours for $175.00.
So, what did I find this weekend?
These cream distressed bar stools (they came this way) were $5.00 each and thanks to craigslist, they are already sold.
This French dresser is amazing as-is, but I'm wondering if I should paint it cream too.
And what about this high-boy?  Cream might make it a "for sure" sell.
I love this cream bookshelf with wood shutters. I'm not sure what to price it at.
And this bookshelf, with this emblem is pretty cool.
Imagine it cream?  
The kids would tell you their favorite weekend trash was this race car track I found at Goodwill.


  1. Like you.. I love off white.. or Cream. I look forward to reading your blog and watching your sweet family grow Laura. Do you ever touch up the cream with a hint of gold? I like the mix of natural wood with off white.. and the distressed as well.. You are one talented lady..

  2. Laura:

    This is BEAUTIFUL! The cream dresser might be my all-time favorite paint job that I've seen you do. And I'm impressed that you could do it while entertaining kids. Such a multi-tasker!


  3. I love seeing your finished painted furniture projects. I wish you would give us the step by step directions and list the products that you use. I know that would probably be too much for each of your finished project posts, so maybe you give give us a general painting furniture tutorial. I know I would like to try to paint some stuff around the house myself, but I don't think I know how to do it the proper way. Or you could just show me in person after I win you trashy weekend give away.

  4. mmm, that looks nice. I'm debating about the color I want to paint a dresser I have. It may have to be cream!

  5. Geez that sold for $175?! That's AWESOME! I love cream!

  6. Cream is such a great color, and goes with so many home styles. I am so happy that you are having success with your painting venture! All the pieces you paint take on a new life after you are done with them. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I just love the book shelf with the shutters. I'm picturing it as cream with forest green shutters. I'm inspired to do something like that for my youngest daughter. We love books at our house but little hands are not always good at putting them away neatly. A shelf like that would be superb. Keep up the great work, you are inspiring!