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Thursday, January 12, 2012

This Weeks Garage Sale & Auction Finds and The Shop!

Garaging is a little slow in January here in Mesa, but thankfully we attended some great auctions. Saturday afternoon was spent refilling our space at Qcumberz. Here's an overall peek at the space...
(you guessed it- cell phone pics- sorry)
Here's the other side- This sweet little settee and matching chair just sold today for $345.00. And now a few pics of this weeks finds- some went straight to the shop before I had a chance to photograph them.
The large picture is a Tarkay print and was just $5.00- The little dresser below (with the linens in the drawer) was $30.00 and sold in just one hour for $125.00!
Here's another Tarkay also $5.00. Now onto some auction finds...

This box of vintage books was $7.00 and will be used in a wedding I'm decorating next week- can't wait to show you all the fun stuff were doing- Purple, Black and Gold- Victorian Wedding- LOVE.
This piece of art work is 5 feet by 4 feet- HUGE! I'm not really into the artwork part of it, but the frame is to die for and will be an amazing feature at the Victorian wedding. A splurge at $50.00- but I still think I can turn a profit on it after the wedding.
This little spindle table was just $4.00 at a garage sale.
I was so anxious to start this piece that I began to disassemble before taking a before picture. Another auction splurge at $100.00- but I think it will be a $395.00 beauty for the shop when I'm done- we'll see.
And finally, if you've been reading My Dear Trash for a while you know I love me a french style dresser- what could be better?
Two french style dressers. I picked up these matching beauties at auction- one for $50 and the other for $55- I've already painted them black with light distressing and will be using them for cake and food at the wedding next week- but I'm sure they'll bring in $150 each at the shop when that's over. Things are a little crazy right now- but crazy is good, right? Let me know what you found this weekend. Love, Kelly.


  1. Great finds. I'd be tempted to keep that Victorian painting; it looks like something that should hang in a gallery or museum!

    So do you mind sharing how the shop logistics work? Do you pay a flat fee per month or do you pay them a percentage of sales, etc.?

  2. I love your finds! Would you mind sharing what thirft stores you shop?

    Thanks : )

  3. Shannon: The shop charges rent and commission. 20% for cash and debit purchases and 22% for credit. Rent is $2.00 per square foot- Hope that helps. Kelly