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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thrift Stores in Heaven? Pretty Please!

I saw this couch across the way at my favorite thrift store and couldn't get to it fast enough.
Heaven; with yellow and tan flowers.  Yeah, they better have thrift stores in heaven or else I'll complain!
(I'm just kidding about the complaining part.  I do fear the Almighty!)
Payson's begging to keep this rare find.  I love how his 9 year-old mind works, as he tries to convince me it will fit in our living room.
The fabric is spotless and although it does smell a bit funky, it will do great for resale.
A few days earlier, I'd found this little dresser
and it miraculously turned into this.
(Don't you love the Anthropolgie knob.  Clearance for $3.97.)
I always have plenty of help from my little angles when I work on my next project.
Sometimes a bit too much help 
but as long as no one gets hurt it's all good.
We have plenty of clothing accidentally brushed with paint.  Jeans with a bit of paint on them is quite trendy, so it's all good.
Reef's helping me with a nightstand I found.
The top is a mess
so it's perfect for a re-do.
Currently, I'm painting on a china hutch for a client. For weeks, I've been looking for a china hutch with a certain flare, that's cute and vintage enough for her kitchen.
I finally found it, brought it home and gave her a call.  It was love at first sight and she asked me to paint it red.
It should be done in the next few days.
Next comes distressing and staining.  I'm going to try Briwax for the first time.
I'm sure I'll have plenty of helpers while I finish this up.
Can't wait to show you the final look.
How was your weekend?  Any "straight from heaven" thrift store/yard sale trashy finds?


  1. *eaaAAAKKK* Had I seen that couch in a thrift store I would have laid on it so no one else could buy it and sent my Husband to go pay! *LOL*

  2. I can hear my family as they lay eyes on me bringing this sofa in from the thrift store because Lord knows I would have had no choice but to get it! They'd be asking if I was crazy & the answer is absolutely!

  3. Oh My Word.... That couch is amazing!!
    Even the legs are upholstered.
    How does all the cool stuff end up in AZ.??
    Great find!!

  4. I love looking at all of your great projects! What is your advice on getting rid of the "funky smell" as you put it?...that is the biggest problem I have about purchasing upholstered things. :D

  5. I would love a step by step tuturial on how you redo your pieces...specifically taking a dark stained piece and painting it a light color. Do you have to sand it all the way down to the wood? In my experience, if I don't the stain bleeds through the light paint. And, sanding to the wood is very time consuming! What do you do? I love the look of white/light painted pieces but I need to know a practical way to do it.

  6. Great score on the couch! It photographs spectacularly.... maybe you could haul it to a field somewhere and do a little photo shoot? :)

    My score of last weekend since we were sick this one was 4 (vintage, sorry Grandma!) cafeteria style Tupperware brand trays. New condition and a great price....though after the exclamation! and excitement! wore off, it hit me...we won't ever use these. Urgh! So to the Etsy store they go, I guess. :( It was a hard needed lesson in the thrill of the hunt vs. reality check I guess. Sigh! Am I the only one afflicted with this double personality thing? LOL

  7. hope to win a trip to see you:)