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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My New Favorite Color

I picked up this spindle leg table for just $4 at a garage saleI wanted to try a fresh bright color on this one, so I pulled out the left over gallon from my daughters wedding and here's how it turned out...
It went straight to the shop this weekend- priced at $65.
Can't wait to see if she's sold. I'll let you know next week. Also, a little update on Mr. Rights, "What Real Men Do On the Weekend" post. Only took him 3 days to discover he was the subject of my post- He does read my blog :) Have a great day. Love, Kelly.

1 comment:

  1. i'm just curious as to what's the secret to pricing your items? for example i would never pay $65 for a little spindle table (but that's only because you gals taught me to be more thrifty :) ) but obviously your stuff sells well in your booth and people probably don't bat an eye at the price :) is it just research or do you just throw a tag on a give it a few weeks and see?? whatever you do it works great! i love your little booth.