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Monday, January 23, 2012

This Weeks Garaging Finds!

A late start was had this weekend due to the wedding we decorated for Friday night- got home after midnight and didn't wake up til 9:00am! We still found some great stuff though, here's a peek...The little step ladder was $2
This cheese dome will look great glued on top of a chunky wood candlestick and painted up- it was also $2
Love me some pool balls- these sell for $3 each at the shop. We picked up all 16 for $3. Can anyone tell me what the little black balls are for- I assume some type of variation on the traditional pool game- do you choose and that number becomes the new 8 ball? Leave me a comment if you know.
This bent wood canister set is so modern and fun- I had to have it for $5!
The roll of lace was just .50- couldn't pass that up, even if I don't have a need for it...yet.
And 2 scrabble games and a set of dominoes- all for the shop. How'd you do this weekend? I'll be posting all the pictures of the wedding later this week- so be sure and check back. And don't forget to enter our Trashy Weekend Give-away! Love, Kelly.


  1. Nice finds! Think the small black balls are for Bingo. They go inside a small wire sphere that turns.

  2. Ooooh, I have a need for the lace! I am going to make crowns for my daughter's 6th birthday party - saw it on Pinterest - you use fabric stiffener, then spray paint them and Mod Podge on glitter. Fun!

  3. I second the "bingo balls" motion.

  4. I have always seen those balls as "Keeno" balls. It is a game that you put all the tiny balls into a glass jar, shake, and then hand out one black ball per paying player. The youngest player then rolls a rubber ball down a ramp and the ball lands into a numbered indent (cup). Whatever number it lands in, that person wins, generally 50% of the sales of the game, house keeps other 50%. If no one has that number house wins all. Around here the game is illegal as it is "gambling" so instead of winning money you can win small trinkets, toys or food items. We play it at Fireman Fairs and town festivals. :) ~Amber