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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Thrifty Halloween

Just wanted to share a few Halloween costumes that came from Goodwill and other thrift stores. Here's my 12 year old in her "Hobo" costume...She created and designed her look for just 4.00. The hat is made of cardboard and fabric scraps and the shopping cart is courtesy of our 2 year old. Love the "Will work for candy" sign. Such a creative girl. Here's my 14 year old...The plan was to be Cinderella, but when we discovered the costume was too short- we went to my thrift store $1.00 formals closet and created a Princess look. This is a dress my 19 year old wore to prom last year. We really did get ours money's worth on this item. Here's the 2 and 8 year old...The two, wears a cow costume that has been passed down and the 8 went to the costume room (remember I used to teach drama) and pulled out a cheerleader uniform. I didn't even realize until I uploaded the pictures this morning that the 8 is sporting a Goodwill bag to collect her candy- I couldn't have staged it better myself. Here's a few friends that also chose the thrifty road... Wish this picture showed all the amazing details of this incredible vending machine costume my friend Cindy made. It lights up, has "caution" do not tip sticker on the side, and is filled with yummy treats. The key pad is courtesy of "Goodwill" the creativity is courtesy of a determined mother who will do anything to please her son. But what do you do when he's a twin? Dress them the same? No way, not for this mom. It's your wish is my command with twin son number 2...
He wanted to be a Musketeer. Gorgeous costume! Boots- Goodwill, Ruffle front top-Goodwill, Tabard- A blue blanket from Goodwill with trim and graphic made by mom. These boys looked amazing and were so proud of their unique costumes. Here's another thrifty find that inspired a Halloween look...

My friend Paula and her daughter found this colonial inspired coat for just $1.00 at a local thrift store and used it as the jumping point for her Pirate costume. I just love a one of a kind outfit! Share your thrifty Halloween stories and be sure to link up in the comments if you have a blog - I'll pay you visit. Love, Kelly.


  1. Cool costumes!
    Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween!
    I have an Everything baby party and remember you made this amazing nursery for Laura. I would love if you link it up!


  2. Fun! Love the creativity.

    Dont' have blog. Your comments section is my blog. :)

    My little boy's costume was a great firefighter coat, hat and boots that I got at a yard sale for $2. And I wore a totally thrifted outfit to take him trick or treating. Ha!

    Take care,

  3. I love thrifty Halloween costumes! It just doesn't feel right to me to "buy" a costume out of a bag. That's not to say I've never done it, in a pinch, just doesn't feel like Halloween to me that way!

    Here's my Halloween blog entry:

    My kids were Harry Potter characters, with everything found from Goodwill or our own closets except the Gryffindor ties and the HP glasses. I made the Dobby costume from a pillowcase and some unused curtain tie-backs, and the ears from a dollar-store headband, felt, and hot glue!

  4. Most of our costumes were made or thrifted. We had a dragon, Blues Clues/Elmo, and Dora. All were done pretty last minute but came out alright :)

  5. Excellent costumes!
    You know if your costume is thrifted you wount see a buch of others dressed exactly like you.

    That vending machine idea is SO AWSOME.

  6. Those are great costumes. I told my daughter last night that back in our day, ALL our costumes were put together with stuff we had around the house. Your kids look so cute.

  7. I really liked the creative stuff your 12 year old made ! The hat is looking great!
    Ok here's a fun quiz check it if you wish -
    Get Groovy This Halloween
    What does your sun sign predicts for this fiendish fun night?