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Monday, November 29, 2010

Entrance Way Before & After

Not too many garaging finds this holiday weekend, so I thought I'd share my entrance way redo that I finished Friday. It's a bit of a teaser, since I'm only going to show you one corner- You'll have to wait until Friday to get the BIG picture. Here's the before pic...I've been really into Americana for years and was ready for a change.
Birdhouses, bear and lots of red check fabric. Here's the after...
I'm loving the black and tan thing right now. Here's some close ups...
I repainted the bench in black and reupholstered the cushion using my friend, Sonja's, left over drapery fabric.
I stole the lamp from my laundry room, the table is one of my wins from the swap and the iron urn and glass ball are garaging finds (I'm not loving these in this location and will need to find a different treasure to display)
I made this huge piece of artwork last year, if you'd like the details go here. Thanks for stopping by, can't wait to show you the rest on Friday. Have a great week. Love, Kelly.


  1. It looks awesome, Kelly!! Totally my style there!

  2. It looks fabulous. Love the black. Hugs, Marty

  3. I cannot wait to see the whole thing; just this one corner is amazing!

  4. Wow! What a difference!! I Love the new look. Anxious to see the whole thing.

  5. I love black and tan...your entryway looks GREAT!

  6. Your entry looks amazing! I love your artwork makeover.


  7. Great redo! I really, really love that side table. It's the perfect piece for the spot.