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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Backyard Trash

With such beautiful Arizona weather, I have to show off some of my backyard trash.
It’s not how it sounds, really because having a backyard full of dear trash can serve as a place of 
refuge, entertainment and off-road racing.
Last year, I found this $6.99 bike ramp at Goodwill.  
Over and over, again and again Mayer rides, like a hamster running on a wheel.
Payson likes it too, catching some air.  
Afterwards, he had to show me his real air-catching skills.
Hang time.  
Payson, I must say jumping all these years has finally paid off.
Saturday afternoon, I asked Mayer what he’d like to do.
“Let’s go to Goodwill and get some toys,” he says.
Since it was ½ day, we paid $3.00 for his brand new water toy.
The cooler weather didn’t distract from playing in the water for most of the day, although if you look really close you can tell Reef is shivering and his lips are blue.
Reef’s great love is also his $5.00 garage sale sandbox.  He can't get enough of this play palace.
More trash?” you ask.
Why yes.
I paid $14.99 for this beautiful piece of backyard discipline.
You see, from time to time, one of my boys might sport a little temper, talk back to me or get a bit too rough with a sibling.
I know, shocker.
Too cool down, I send them outside to let off some steam.
Punch the punching bag twenty times before you come back,” I might say.
And they usually come back to me a bit more in control of their emotions.
My $10.00 garage sale porch swings served as a great photo background just after Eden was born.
  I love to sit under the large tree, rocking away in comfort and watching the boy's play while I nurse Eden.
My own backyard paradise.


  1. Great idea on the punching bag:) We have one of those in the attic. Perhaps we should hang it back up...and when I need to release some frustration.... Im just sayin its a good idea:)

  2. I love the idea of your day ( part of your day) in the rocking chair with the baby watching the boys play ... sigh...
    Love the blog! You gals are so good at goal setting ! And finishing!
    ~ Christie