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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pottery Barn Crate Wall

When I saw this picture in the pottery barn catalog I knew I had to try and recreate it...I love the use of crates on the wall. Here's another look...Ironically, the next weekend Mr. Right and I stumbled upon some vintage soda crates. We purchased all 5 for $19. We laid them out on the floor to find the perfect configuration for our wall...

This was the shape we thought worked the best...
To hang them on the wall, Mr. Right used long screws with washers on the end. This kept us from having to drill through the crates. Here they are all ready to fill...Filling is the best part. I turned to my decorator cupboards (this is where I put all the stuff that I buy at garage sales and don't have an immediate place for). Here they are all decorated up... They look great next to the pottery barn bingo board I copied last year...

Let's take a closer look at what's inside...
A vintage silver dish holds old pocket watches that I picked up for a few dollars at a garage sale, The old Bible has a glass jar with vintage wood bingo markers and an old lid. I love the number embossers, silver whistle and jar of wood thread spools. The two wood dumbells were also a garage sale find.
I love the way this ironstone platter looks in the crate. The key is also a garage sale find.
A set of vintage Rhetoric books (I was a speech communication minor), a bottle of bakelite poker chips, an old shoe form and an apothecary jar with metal scoop all came from various garage sales.
Mr. Right put a few of his vintage tools on display (some from his grandmother) and I have more old books, a pair of dice I picked up at Goodwill and painted to look old, a collector bear I picked up while in Europe and a jar full of antique bottle caps.
Here you can see my love of old games with scrabble and domino pieces! I picked up the gravy dish last weekend and the ink eraser, ink, bronze powder and old lid are also recent garage sale treasures. I'm loving my new wall! It's given me a chance to display some of my favorite collections and it looks like it came together over time (even though we put it together in two days) For me, the cherry on top is the big letter "B". I knew I wanted either a large letter or number to fill the space between the crates.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the letter B (for our last name) at last weeks swap- sometimes things just come together like that. Let me know what you think! Love, Kelly.

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  1. I have lots of great ideas too!
    The difference between you and I. You follow through each time and do it. Me... I never follow through and then fill my head up with lots more ideas.
    Absolutely gorgeous. You should be a personal home stylist for people!!!

  2. I'm loving this! Must find some crates! Thanks for the inspiration via PB. (I think I like your shallow ones better than their deeper ones.)

  3. I've always admired the PB wall of crates and wondered how & where I could do it!!!
    I gotta say yours looks fabulous!!

  4. It looks fantastic! My style of decorating! I've had those 'it was fate" decorating moments also! It's always so exciting how the thing your thinking you need or want, shows up unexpectedly at such a bargain!

  5. Those look fabulous, and much better than the inspiration, honestly.

    Check In To The ROUS Motel!

  6. Very nice! I am a lover of old crates and wood boxes myself. I love how you put everything together - awesome!

  7. We were all talking about your blog at the swap! Fantastic idea - thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. Love this! It's hard to put something like this together without it just looking messy. You did a great job! I love everything in it and you're right...the huge letter is perfect. It just ties it all together.

  9. This looks amazing!! How you styled it is perfect, I love all your unique finds!

  10. You did a fabulous job with the crates. And all the things you displayed are so interesting. I love the big dice!

  11. oh my goodness, i love love love this! I just might have to copy it if i can ever find some crates!
    I also adore that birdhouse lamp, did you buy that or make it? I am obsessed with birdhouses and this is just too adorable!
    i love the dice you have on there too.. basically i should say i love everything you have in this room! LOL

  12. How awesomely inventive! I think yours looks even better than the PB one! Great work. I found you through Funky Junk. I'm a new followers of yours!


  13. Oh Wow! This turned out great. I love the look of the crates.

  14. I think it's gorgeous...and you're right, that big B sets it off. Nice work, Kelly!
    Peace & Love,

  15. I love your crates, this looks really fantastic!

  16. Absolutely love it! Love your dice too! =0)

    Thanks for planting your creative seeds at Plant a Punkin Seed Party!

  17. This is fabulously awesome!!!

    Off to see more of your sweet blog. came over from Donna's Funky Junk.


    barbara jean

  18. I am ready to move into your home. That looks SO amazing! You have a good eye.

  19. Wow this is great! Perfect idea for decorating on a budget. This would be great for a craft ideas are bubbling!

    popping over from chic on a shoestring!

  20. A few things....
    1. This page is ripped out of my pottery barn catalog and sitting on my desk bc I loved it.
    2. I'm loving all of your old game stuff. Seriously. I'm doing my living room in vintage game stuff.
    3. Now I'm leaving to go look at your bingo card. I've been wanting one!!! Great job by the way! :)

  21. You've taken it to a whole new level with this one. It's gorgeous and I can't believe the prices of the great stuff you find. You have such an eye to put everything together.

  22. Well done!
    Love a bit of creative recycling
    Thanks for sharing with us all

  23. Love this- especially the rhetoric books!

  24. I love this idea! I was looking for something exactly liket this!!