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Monday, November 1, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds!

For October in Arizona, this was a bit of a slow garage sale weekend. Not that there weren't signs on every corner- they just faltered in the quality department. However, I was able to find a few treasures, let's take a look... I love the colors on this globe and for $3.00 I thought it was a steal. The Families are Forever plaque with rusty metal crown was $2.00 and the rusty door knocker (from restoration hardware) was $5.00.
It was monopoly week again! I picked up the sponge bob version for .50 and the brand new still in shrink wrap original monopoly for $1.00. The scrabble game was .50 (I collect those pieces too)
To some people a bag full of Woochies may seem like trash- but to a special effects make-up artist (me and my daughter) it's a jackpot. These prosthetic horror devices range from $8-$10 each. Here's a closer look at how cool (okay maybe they're gross to some people) these are...
The lady had a box of 24- with 3 different types of woochies. She was asking .50 each. However, when she noticed my interest she said she'd make me a deal if I bought all of them. I figured $12.00 would be full price so she might do $10.00- When she said $3.00 It was hard to hide my excitement. I will keep some and resale the rest next Halloween on ebay.
Can anyone out there appreciate that fact that I got 8 swiveling casters for $2? I know it's not an antique or piece of furniture, but these things can be pricey and I like to add them to cabinets and furniture to make pieces more functional. So there you have it. Not a ton of stuff, but good stuff. Don't forget about the estate sale I'll be organizing this coming weekend- If you're in the area, I'll be posting pictures and the address on Thursday. Hope to see you there. Love, Kelly.


  1. Um yeah I can appreciate the deal you got on those casters! We had to buy 4 (in hopes of converting an old farm table into a kitchen island) and they ran us about $20. Great finds!

  2. Thanks for being my newest follower!

    Thought I'd take a minute and come see what I've missed on here. Looks like you are quite the bargain hunter and have fun doing it too. And with a cute family. I'll come visit as much as I can, and follow too :)

    Take care