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Monday, November 1, 2010

Trash for Halloween

I feel like I've been celebrating Halloween all month, which is fine with me.  I love all the parties, costumes and candy.  
Reef won't stop saying "Trick or Treat." 
(Elmo costume $1.00 from a garage sale.) 
Reef, what else can you say besides "Trick or Treat?"
"I love you, Mommy."
This is why I love my job.
Every time I look at Mayer, he's Indiana Jones.
(Indiana Jones costume, .50 cents from a garage sale)
The whip plays the Indiana Jones theme song, a catchy little tune that when heard say, over 100 times, I might start singing it in my head and it might, just maybe, keep me awake at night.
Payson likes to celebrate Halloween first with horror, blood and death
(Black robe $1.00 from a garage sale.)
and then with humor.
On another night, he chooses a Nerdy costume taken from my EBay stash.
(Goodwill $1.00 day pile)
Payson, no matter how hard your try, you still do not look like a nerd.
Chandler wanted to be Justin Timberlake.  
(Shirt and jeans from Goodwill's $1.00 day)
After we gel-ed up his hair, he decided he'd rather be someone who's been shot and beat-up.
Dare I say he's a shot and beat-up Justin Timberlake?
I dare
Yes, that's a snake in his arms and YES, that's a bullet wound drawn onto his shirt by yours truly.
Hey, I never claimed to be a great artist.
Another night, Chandler chooses to be a Phoenix Suns Player.  
You know what they say: every good athlete should eat at least a pillowcase full of candy before game day.
When I found this Tinkerbell costume, I knew just who would love it most.  
(Tinkerbell costume, garage sale $1.00)
My gorgeous sister Becky loved up Eden.
Princess Peanut was dolled up next as a ballerina.
(Little ballet socks, .25 cents from a garage sale)
The more layers on her tutu, the better.
Why yes, those are pink and black checkered suspenders I'm wearing.
And what would you do if you found an Abbey Dawn Avril Lavigne shirt just days before Halloween?
Dressing up as Avril Lavigne meant punking up my hair and make-up, something I'm more then happy to do.
All right, so our fun-family Halloween photo won't be printed on this year's Christmas cards, but we sure had loads of fun.
Just ask Fat Albert, the big handsome man standing next to me in our spoofy family photo.
(Red sweatshirt, $1.00 Goodwill)
I should point out the lovely girl who's in most of our family photos is Chandler's best friend Morgan.  She's a keeper, for sure and we just love her and her family.
She dressed up as a doll, and then following Chandler's lead, made herself a scary dead doll.
(Pumpkin patch frilly skirt, .50 cents at a garage sale.)

Also Halloween weekend, playing Rock'n Sock'n Boxing 
(Boxing game from Garage Sale $1.00)
For ambience, Gold Canyon Candles.  That chocolate smelling one is awesome.
(Garage Sale, $1.00 each)
Jumping on bubble wrap is always a big hit.
(Wrap used for packaging candles from above garage sale - free)
Time to be quiet, big brothers.  Spooky time's over.  
Peace out.
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  1. Now THAT is Halloween on a budget, well done!

  2. Wonderful job on keeping a great budget. I take notes from you. I love the last photo! Too sweet.