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Monday, November 22, 2010

This Weeks Garage Finds!

Another fun weekend out hunting for treasures with Mr. Right. Take a look at what we found...
The frame was $2.00 and will look great in black, the glass jar will hold vintage game pieces and was $1.00.
The vintage gravy boat and little wood shoe form were $4.00 each.
This ginormous iron bowl was $5.00 and the iron shoe forms were $1.00 each (what a steal!)
I'm not sure what all these pieces are or were- but I love the shapes and will definitely be able to find a use for them. I paid $5.50 for the whole lot- If you have any great ideas for me, leave it in the comments section.
Monopoly game for $1.00! But my favorite find this weekend is this...
Wood cake stand for .50. I love the scalloped edges and carving detail. The finish is a little tired, but with a coat of paint and some vintage sheet music in the center- this will be an amazing display piece. Maybe I could even find a large cloche to go over it! Love, love, love the possibilities. Let us know what you found this weekend. Love, Kelly.


  1. I got that very same iron bowl at the Fraser Fields Swap!! That's too funny.

  2. DOn't aks me how much i am in love with the iron bowl and wood cake stand. My eyes are getting greener... Day by Day... don't mind


  3. I have really enjoyed reading about all your great finds. You always find the best deals.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I just love, love LOVE what you find out there. Seriously, you find magical garage sales, taht is all there is to it. I heart the shoe forms A LOT!

  5. By golly you all have the best darn garage sales by your house. So envious!

  6. If you ever want to sell those shoe forms, I have a collection and I'd love to buy some from you. Just in case you were ever thinking of parting with them.