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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not Only . . .

Not only is it Eileen Fisher, 
not only is it a sweater,
not only is it a plus size,
not only was it $1.00,
but it's 100% cashmere.
This sweater will sell for a small fortune.
Not only were these 9.5 Men's Nike shoes $3.00 from a garage sale,
not only does my 10-year old son wear a size 9.5 men's shoes,
not only did Chandler decide he didn't want to keep these shoes,
not only did he list them (his very first item) on eBay,
but these Nike shoe's sold for $30.00.  
Not only is it leather,
not only is it a sectional, 
not only is is in like-new mint condition,
not only was it $200.00 on black Friday at the thrift store,
not only does it have a recliner,
not only is the hide-a-bed still in its factory plastic,
but it's a slide for Reef.
Not only is it Antique China,
not only is it from M. Redon Limoges France,
not only was the entire box $10.00 at a garage sale,
not only did Chandler and Payson unpack it for me,
but Mayer enjoyed his first experience drinking hot chocolate from a fancy cup with a saucer.  
Not only did I find this amazing from for $3.99,
not only did I find this Van gogh art book for $1.00,
not only did I have a great time cutting and pasting with Mayer,
but we made a beautiful background 
for our family picture.
Not only did I find a solid white dresser for $30.00,
not only is it vintage,
not only do all the drawers work,
but the same day I brought it home is sold for $90.00 on Craig's List.
Not only is it danish retro,
not only was it $1.00 at the thrift store,
not only is it a record/track 8 shelf holder,
but it sold for $10.00 on Craig's list.
Not only did I find a ton of great furniture this weekend,
not only did I desperately need a truck,
not only was my sweet brother Matt in town visiting from Utah,
(yeah, Matt's the hunky bachelor in front.  My handsome brother behind him is named Tadd and he's married.)
not only did he let me borrow his truck to haul all my trash home, 
but he let all his nephews play in the back of his parked truck.
Not only is it midnight,
not only am I blissfully alone on my computer writing sweet nothings about trash,
not only am I listening to
but the Wallflowers just came on.
Give this a listen.  It's golden.


  1. Up writing the book--love this entry. Mama

  2. how's your ebay week coming along? i am getting all geared up for this cyber monday. hopefully we will get clicked on. happy selling!

  3. you rock! and your brothers are very handsome ;)

  4. Those are some seriously great finds, especially the cashmere sweater, china, and leather sofa!

  5. You rocked this week huh? Great finds!