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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trash To Cash Wednesday!

Let's take a look at this weeks top sellers...
I've really been having great success with Trouser style jeans. These Levis Ultimate Lift Size 14 Boot Cut 544 Denim Jeans sold for $12.94
I mentioned the Zenergy line by Chico's last week. This Chico's Size 3 (Xlarge) Graphic Zenergy Jacket sold for $15.00- can't wait to see how the gold zenergy jacket does this week.
I do love my Chico's, and Travelers are always a sure bet. It's rare when they don't sell for at least $9.99 and frequently they will receive multiple bids like these Chico's Travelers Size 1 Medium Purple Pants- They sold for $15.59
I rarely buy petite size pants because they don't consistently sell for me. On the other hand, size "Long" pants always seem to bring in multiple bids. These American Eagle Size 12 Long Denim Jeans sold for $22.50.
I love to sell dresses. It's always one of the first racks I visit at the thrift store. Laura has mentioned how much she loves the "Flax" brand. Wish this one I found was in her size, but since it wasn't I sold it on ebay. Women's Flax Size Petite Black Linen Dress sold for $20.50
Banana republic is one of my favorite brands (next to Ann Taylor) and wrap dresses always do great on ebay. Add that fact that this is made of silk and it's a fantastic combination for resale. This Banana Republic size M silk wrap dress sold for $25.00. Let's see how it all added up...

Ebay Profits:$542.99
Craigslist Profits:0
Costs: 30.00(clothes), 26.30(ebay fees), 38.60 (paypal fees)
Total Profit: $448.09

Not too shabby! This will go to the Christmas fund! So, have you given ebay a try? Send us your stories and questions, we love to hear from you. Love, Kelly


  1. hey kelly! i love love love the blog. i just started doing ebay full time now. i love the ebay room that you have (my "ebay room" is the garbage bags that i keep the clothing in! ) since i started doing this full time i have been packaging and shipping A LOT! does it ever get onerwhelming for you when you see on your dashboard that you need to ship 43 items? how do you keep yourself motivated? i could really use some tips!! thanks so so much!!

  2. I tried ebay with vintage things a few years ago and had no luck. I've never tried clothes though. Any tips? I'm a big time thrift store, yard sale, clearance rack shopper and dress my kids in name brands for next to nothing, so I know how to find the deals... I just don't know how to sell them.

  3. I've been reading the tips you two put on your blog on ebay selling (I should have read before I commented! lol). I have the shopping part down. I'm a bargain shopaholic and find AMAZING killer deals all the time.

    I'm the type to get bags of clothes for me and my kids at yard sales for a couple of bucks or walk into my favorite stores and walk out with bags of stuff for like $20. I actually had the cashier at Rue 21 the other day say, "You know one of your items is regular price, is that ok?" HAHA! They know me so well there!

    I think I'm gonna try my hand at the selling part again. We'll see how it goes *sigh*

  4. hi kelly! i sell on ebay all the time, however i never went to a goodwill store. after hearing so much about it from you, i finally went! it was amazing! but, it was also overwhelming. what do i look out for? what brands should i buy? do you have certain racks that you look through first? i walked out with a pair of name brand shoes for $3.99 and they were in great condition! i asked the salesperson if they have dollar day (which i heard about from you) and she had no idea what i was talking about (first she said that "dollar tree" was across the street!! LOL!)are "dollar days" only in certain states?

  5. Becky,
    The shipping can get overwhelming- when I have a big week I try to ship everyday, just so it's not too crazy. Also, when an item gets a bid I'll pull it and place it on the end of the rack- that makes shipping a little easier. Playing music while shipping is another motivator for me - also check your paypal balance - seeing the amount of money you make when you have to ship 43 items keeps you going. Keep up the good work!

    Goodwill is the best! First I look at the better quality racks, then dresses, then pants, skirts and jackets. I don't normally spend time going through the tops, men's or children's- as they don't sell well for me. I recommend taking the time to go through each individual item, I think that is the trick to finding great selling brands. Through the blog we have discovered that dollar days are only in certain states, but it appears 50% off Saturdays (every other saturday or so) is universal. Keep checking back at your local goodwill and before you know it you'll be leaving with bags full!

    The American Housewife: Thanks for taking the time to read the blog- I feel like we try to give lots of tips through-out the week, but it does take time to read through everything. It sounds like you're a master shopper and will do amazingly well on ebay- Keep us posted on your success.