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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fraser Field Swap and Cheese Dome!

Just a reminder that tonight is the Fraser Field 's Swap! Laura and I are going to dress up in our best tweedy outfits and have a great time. Here's one of the pieces I made for the swap...It used to be an old out dated cheese dome and a candlestick. With a little paint and glue it's now a great display piece. Take a look at the antique sheet music inside...
This is a page from one of the old books Mr. Right and I picked up a few weeks ago- Love how it turned out! Can't wait to show you what we swap for! Laura and I would love to meet some of our blog readers- even if you just want to stop by and shop the vendors. Go to the Fraser Fields Swap Blog for more information. Hope to see you there. Love, Kelly


  1. Love the sheet music at the bottom...gonna have to steal this idea! ;)

  2. HI ,

    What do you do if you sold an item back in the end of September and you shipped it around that time and you were just notified yesterday from the customer that they have not received the item and they are asking for a reimbursement? It has been a month and a half. Seller did not pay for insurance and I am out that item. Help!

  3. Carrie and Michael,
    First thing I would do is check their feedback- If they have a high rating then I would just give the refund. I've had 2 customers not receive items and it's just easier to refund- hopefully you don't have too much invested in the item- I just consider this the cost of doing business. I've started printing my labels at home and it adds delivery confirmation for free- You can enter the tracking number and see exactly when the item was delivered. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  4. Thank you Kelly for the advice. Should I refund the shipping costs as well?

  5. Carrie and Michael,
    Yes, I would refund shipping as well.

  6. I love this piece. It's no surprise it was the first thing picked at the Fraser Field Swap.