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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trash to Cash Wednesday Times Two!

Welcome to Trash to Cash Wednesday. This week is a double feature (Did anyone notice I missed last week?) My brand new i7 Mac computer blew up! It didn't actually blow up, but it wouldn't turn on. We took it in to the apple store and after a week of trying to fix it, they ended up giving us a new one. Thankfully, they successfully transferred all of our information over- Keep your fingers crossed that this one works forever! (or at least 5 or 6 years) I now have access to all my pictures and profit amounts so I thought I'd just combine the last two weeks into one. I also thought this week I'd concentrate on some new brands to look for when out trashing.
We all know Ralph Lauren is a good ebay seller: this Ralph Lauren Size 6 Black Silk Dressy Skirt sold for $16.50.
And that Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy and Ann Taylor are the bread and butter of ebay: This Ann Taylor Size 4 Gray Plaid Skirt sold for $25.01. But here's some brands that might be new to you that did well on ebay...
These New With Tags Avenue Size 14/16 Gray Ponte Legging Pants sold for $10.00. Avenue is a plus size store and I've found their basic items sell well (black pants, jackets, leggings) I have not had luck with their colored linen crop pants and tops.

I've sold a few Columbia brand items, but when they're cargo style they seem to do the best. These Columbia Size XL Army Green Cargo Pants sold for $10.50.

Under Armour is a great brand for athletic clothing, it also does well on ebay. This
Men's Lot of 2 Under Armour Size S Athletic Shirts sold for $14.99.
I had never heard of Foursquare but could tell these snowboard pants were expensive.
When I looked them up on ebay, I discovered they sell well. These
Women's Foursquare Size XS White Snowboard Pants sold for $27.00
Another brand I had never heard of: Alice & Trixie. Turns out it's from Anthropologie.
The fact that it was 100% Silk encouraged me to buy it. This Alice & Trixie XS Silk Dress sold for $15.50
You know I love Chico's! I had never heard of their Zenergy line, but these Chico's Size 1 (Medium) Brown Zenergy Pants sold for $11.50- I picked up two Zenergy jackets this past week, so we'll see how they do.
A new brand to watch out for is Cabi. I've sold 4 pieces now, so it seems like a consistent success. This New with tags Cabi, Size small pink graphic sheer blouse sold for $21.85. It's always fun to discover a new brand. So how do you decide whether it's worth taking the plunge on an unfamiliar label? If it feels like good quality, is super cute and is made with quality material (Silk, Viscose, Lycra Spandex, Pima Cotton, Cashmere, Italian Wool, etc.) I would recommend trying it out. For me it's usually only $1, so it's not a big investment. Before listing I always look it up on ebay under the completed listings section- If the brand doesn't look like it's worth selling I just return it the next week to the store. I remember my first week selling on ebay I picked up a So brand denim skirt- Thought I had a real winner. When I discoved this is a Kohl's brand that doesn't sell for more than .99 I didn't even waste my time listing it. Hopefully, we can all work together, share some of our knowledge and corner the market on $1.00 designer clothes. Here's my TWO week profits...

Ebay Profits:$582.64 (Week 1) $610.81 (Week 2)
Craigslist Profits:0
Costs: 161.00(clothes), 161.03(ebay fees), 79.70 (paypal fees)
Total Profit: $791.72 (Two week profit)

Not too bad! Hope you're week is going well. Love, Kelly


  1. that's awesome!!! I just listed some stuff straight out of my sons closet last week. My fingers are crossed! I would love for you to look at my stuff and give me some advice if I did it right or what I can do to better myself! I have the ebay logo you can click on my blog! You ladies inspire me!

    Have a great day!!!

  2. I just bought an Alice & Trixie too (to resell, of course!) :)

    When I'm at GW doing my weekly ebay shopping, and run across an unfamiliar brand, I call my hubby and have him look up the completed listings on ebay. It has really come in handy!

    Good job on the selling!

  3. hey kelly!!!! i read your blog almost daily! you keep me going! (i am doing ebay full time now!) i have the same exact ralph lauren skirt NWT in brown and it has not been selling!! it retails for about $150. i hate posting NWT items for so cheap,, but i am going to relist it at 9.99 hope it sells!!!

  4. Last week at Salvation Army I found a Vintage Adidas Jacket. It was awsome. It had a military feel to it. I of course paid $1. I started it at $29.99. It sold today for $59.00. I love it!!


  5. Kelly, So glad you got a new computer - I would have been an absolute wreck over that situation! I can get a bit hysterical when it comes to computer problems.

    I love that you like to talk brands!! I too wondered about that SO brand cuz I've seen a lot of it at my Goodwill. Thanks to you I won't bother now!! Its because of you and laura that I've bought and sold several Chicos items, since I'd never heard of that and it wasn't really my taste. So glad I did! I've been on the lookout for Blue Fish (I'm having a memory lapse - I think thats it) and now I will be on the lookout for Cabi & Alice & Trixie

  6. Get to know your Urban Outfitters labels it is the hottest style going right now. Especially look for there big names, Silence and Noise, Lux, Kimchi Blue, Ecote, Pins and Needles and BDG. It's the junior version of Anthropologie and almost as expensive. Third store opened up in downtown Phoenix. Its the only store I know in this economy that's expanding.
    Winter trends- velvet, oversized cardigans, lace, maxi skirts...colors- black (why your skirt sold and not the brown one) grey, dark purple.
    I could do this for hours but I hope a little bit of this helps you while shopping. Oh one more thing, Chanel style boucle jackets. going strong for the second year, see them a lot here in the valley at thrift stores. I will shut up now!!:)

  7. hey kelly! PLEASE READ THIS!!! love the trash to cash wed!! on a totally different note, i really need your say on something. i just got a NASTY email from a customer saying that "the item i rec' is a horrible shaggy piece" i almost started crying. i honestly did not think it was shaggy. it was a $200 shirt that she purchased for $11.99 (used) i refunded her and gave her extra money for the inconvenience. have you ever gotten nasty feedback from a customer? i dont think i would ever be able to write such a thing to someone. i guess i am too timid. but do ppl realize that we are all human and we make mistakes and poor judgements? does anyone leave bad feedback in a nice way? please advise me!!!!

  8. Anonymous:
    If you haven't read my post on ebay comments go here:
    Unfortunately there are nasty people in the World- not a lot, but the few can really make us reasonable people feel horrible. I think refunding the money was the right thing to do (however I wouldn't recommend giving extra money) You need to cancel the transaction through ebay- this way you will receive your final value fees and the buyer cannot leave feedback once a transaction has been cancelled. Also, check this buyers feedback and see if they make a habit of getting refunds- it may be under positive since sellers can't leave negative feedback- this will give you an idea if this person is a scammer- I would also block this buyer from making future bids on your items- it's not worth dealing with someone who is so insensitive- It would have been so much more humane if the customer would have said, "I received my item today and I'm not satisfied" and then given some actual reasons- Please don't take this buyers comment personally- read through all your positive feedback and realize every once in a while you're going to come across someone that is unreasonable. The item may have just not fit and the buyer was worried they couldn't get a refund so they said it was poor quality- this happens a lot. Stay strong. Keep selling.

  9. I totally noticed you missed last week and was ready to go on strike if you missed this week...seriously! I love Wed. because of this post!

  10. You could consider getting a blackberry or an iphone and looking up these brands when you are in Goodwill. That's how I found my most expensive antique. I googled the name on the desk while I was in the thrift store, saw one selling for $2,000 and immediately knew it was a good buy. I bought it for $25!