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Sunday, January 10, 2010

$2000 Reasons Why

I went to bed Friday night with a garage, driveway, and yard full of trash.

Dear trash.

Amazing donations from friends, neighbors, church members and strangers.

Trash ready to sell at our Saturday Yard Sale.

Precious funds going to the Linda Call Funeral Fund.

I wake up Saturday morning at 6:30 am.

The sun isn’t up yet, but my eyes squint at bright spears of light piercing through my shutters.

My mind races at what could be happening.

Hoodlums looking for a steal?

Thief’s rummaging through collectables?

I cautiously look out the window at the shining light in the middle of my yard.

My first impression was way off.

The front of my house is full of angels.

Angels with flood lights.

Working, sorting, and smiling.

And their lights look like heaven shining down on our cause.

By the time I get dressed, they have organized the trash and we are ready for the sale.

At 7:25 the counselor tapes signs on street posts and our first customer arrives at 7:30.

Our first sale?

I accidentally sell my angel/neighbor’s flashlight.

Her expensive, wide beam, full of new batteries flashlight that an hour earlier had looked like heaven shining in my yard.

I sold it for $1.00.

So, what did my heavenly neighbor do when she found out her flashlight was forever gone?

She donates $100.00 to the funeral fund.

Thanks angel, you know who you are.

Helen sorts toys and clothes.

Kelly, the master she is, prices items to sell.

Her hubby, Kevin, a.k.a, muscle man, helps carry boxes and furniture to cars.

My hubby, the counselor, a.k.a, sweet tooth and daddy/babysitter of 4 boys, picks up a couple dozen donuts to share.

My realtor and friend, B.J., drives from North Scottsdale to make donations and help with organizing.

Time flies when you're having fun.

Cash quickly fills my apron pocket and I make deposits in the treasure box.

Customers find great deals.

Chandler and Morgan, the inseparable duo, help and have fun.

Payson hides in the huge pile of clothes while his brothers try to find him.

Mayer finds a toy he likes.

Reef isn't quite sure what's going, but he likes it.

We meet up with sweet friends.

Ginger's home-made salsa on the bake sale table is a hit.

Mike and Christy arrive. A sweet surprise.

Spending time with Mike when we deliver the donation.

I tell the boys, "This is a special place. Jesus was just here to get Sister Call." They feel the sweet spirit in the Call's home.


  1. Oh! Sis. Lofgreen, I love you! I miss you too! Kenz and I should come and visit, I am updated freaquently by her txts but a face-to-face catch up would be wonderful! I heard about the baby girl- Congrats! I will come by and talk to you soon great garage sale!
    Love- Alyson

  2. I am so happy to hear all went well! What a blesing for everyone involved. Love your apron, by the way!

  3. The Call family thanks you, Laura, and your team of angels, for the wonderful service you all have given to us. Linda is smiling in heaven! Thank you!

    Mike Call and family

  4. Good news indeed that the yard sale was a success. I do wish we had know about it, we would have been there. Bright eyed and bushy tailed ? It's possible !!!!

    Lowell & Suzanne

  5. Congrats! More productive than you even thought!

  6. I want that apron. I'll make a donation :)
    Seriously, where did you find that???

  7. You are an ANGEL, Laura!! That was such a huge help! I know the Call's really appreciated it! Thank you so much for doing that. You are amazing! It was so fun to see you and your cute family. You looked great, and you are such a good and patient mom! Hope you have a dozen kids! Love ya, and keep in touch!