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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go, SUNS, Go!

My boys are pretty chill most of the time, really the non-demanding type of children. They help with chores, get their homework done and play basketball.


My boys (including the counselor) are NOT CHILL when it comes to the Phoenix Suns. They hoop n’ holler and will bring down the house during a close game.

They want the Suns to win, Win, WIN and will do anything to show their loyalty to their favorite NBA basketball team.

This is where my dear trash comes into play.

I find all sorts of Phoenix Suns memorabilia out thrifting & yard selling. Chandler helped with taking photos of our favorite finds.

Mayer loves his backpack. We found it at Mesa Thrift for $2.99.

This is a hand-painted piggy bank. I think it was done at one of those pottery-painting places. I appreciated that I didn't have to paint it and it only cost me $1.98 at Goodwill.

I found this lamp at a yard sale. It sits on a nightstand right by the boys beds.

Derek's sister, April, sent us an Al McCoy talking bobble-head doll for Christmas last year. How long do you think it lasted in this home before it was broken? Yeah, about a day. But, a few weeks ago I found the exact same bobble-head doll at a yard sale, new in box and never opened, for $2.00. The counselor was thrilled, and quickly put away on the top shelf of his closet.

Jersey's are expensive, costing up to $100.00, but not when a Goodwill is around the corner. For Father's Day, 2009, I had the boys dress up in their Phoenix Suns gear, most of which I purchased at Goodwill's $1.00 day. The photo season was painful, but we got through it.

The trampoline was just too much of a distraction, so we moved over to the grapefruit tree. Everything's going great and I finally get the perfect picture. It's only later, I notice my dog is in the middle of cleaning herself. Thanks, Sadie.

Leandro Barbosa is a top-playing Suns man and we had the chance to meet him at the opening day of the Phoenix Light Rail. It was freezing (alright, 65 degrees), but we found a way to come covered in head-to-toe Suns gear.

Reef even made it on the nightly news. He looks so cute wearing the counselor's headband.

Once a year, the counselor takes the boys to a Suns game, nose bleed, but still worth every minute.

Last week, Chandler asked if I would paint a Phoenix Suns logo on his bedroom wall. I'm always one for a challenge, plus I love the Suns too. We start with the logo of Chandler's choice and he prints it off the computer.

Next, I sketch the logo pencil. I won't deny I spent the whole day in my pajamas.

Mayer is pleased with how it's turning out.

Time to mix the orange.

The boys loved watching the transformation. Their compliments are great motivators to getting the job done.

And even with a few minor distractions, (Reef hiding in the closet & Mayer getting used to wearing my rollerblades during a fuse ball game with Reef).

we continue on our journey toward completion.

Chandler watches in amazement, but I notice he's left the room. After some internet searching, he comes back with a few more ideas of what I can paint on his walls.

I wish, buddy, but not today.


  1. This is awesome! Freehand? You are so brave- What a fabulous mom you are. Great Job

  2. You think four's a hard photo shoot--wait till baby sister's here!