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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great Kids and Great Finds

I’m having one of those days where I just think “Gosh, my kids are so great.”

Seriously, I’m so happy with the kind things they do and the way they treat each other.

This parenting thing is worth it and it’s nice to have days that remind me of that.

I took the kids to see Avatar in 3-D.

I got a bit sea sick during the whole thing, but it was an awesome movie.

On the way home I received a collection of “thank you’s” and “love you, Mom,” from the boys. They’re growing up and I really like to be with them.

Mayer said to me, “Mom, that was nice of you to let me come.”

And then he added, “Mom, you can pick the radio station you want to listen to.”

I think that’s pretty mature for a 4 year-old.

I also had the chance to do some thrift-ing.

I’ll show you what I found.

I can't believe I actually get to look through this stuff to keep


I found some great Laura Ashley stuff, Tommy Hilfiger baby and a couple of boutique items. I can't wait to dress her in pink, my own little doll.

I think I'll send this vintage shirt to my brother, Rodney. He was a Gumby lover as a child. Appropriately, he's a bit twisted too, but that's what makes him so much fun.

Today I'm at Mesa Thrift.

Not the best part of town, but I'm looking for adventure.

I'm always happy when I find Lucky brand. Denim skirts sell very well, especially if they're long like this one.

And I found four pair of men's lucky brand jeans. Super Lucky for me.

Tommy Bahama always sells well.

But this tricky brand fooled me once. The label is so similar to the real deal, as is the shirt style and fabric (100% silk). Don't be fooled. Jamaica Jaxx doesn't sell on Ebay.

And surprisingly, either does Tommy Bahama woman. I know this label is just as pricey as the men's, but it just doesn't have much of a following with the ladies.

You know I love Ralph Lauren, but Ralph Lauren can make some "not so cute" stuff. These items all had the label and the right price, but the styles were a little too dated for my taste. Who knows? They may have sold, but I have to like the stuff I sell or it's just not any fun.

I rest my case. Yuck! I don't care if these Ralph Lauren are plus size or not.

Where as this Ralph Lauren Woman Plus Size 1X shirt will sell great. Love it!

As will this gorgeous cotton knit sweater. It's in perfect condition. Nothing white in my home ever looks this good.

And I'll give this Ralph Lauren Large denim dress a try too.

Sometimes the funky off-the-wall shirt will sell well. I'll give this Chuck Norris shirt a go. It made me laugh.

I found this vintage chair at Goodwill on 1/2 day and paid $20.00. I'm posting it on Craig's list and will let you know how it sells.

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  1. Hi Laura! Ok, so where is Mesa Thrift Store? Do they have dollar days as well?? I love reading your blog. So much fun!!