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Monday, January 25, 2010

How do you say I love you? Is it engraved?

At night, when I was little, I remember lying in bed, my mom sitting near me running her fingers through my hair. Sometimes we would talk about the day or future plans, or laugh about something funny, but most of the time, I’d close my eyes and enjoy being close to her. She’d gently pull my hair, tucking it behind my ears over and over again. I felt warm and safe.

Funny, how we grow up and turn into our parents. As a mom, I find myself doing the same thing to my boys. Watching T.V., during dinner, good-bye kisses before they leave for school; I am always playing with their hair. I love their hair long, maybe because it’s the best way to get my fingers wrapped around a little something.

Chandler’s hair has the curls, Payson’s is thick & gold, Mayer’s is thin & shiny and Reef’s is feather-light, barely there and often full of static.

All the boys are in desperate need of haircuts. I keep putting it off and I think I know why. Plus, it's no secret. The counselor and I are hippies!

Haircuts are something I do at home. The counselor and I did the math last summer while I was giving haircuts before school started. I’ve saved our family a lot of money, maybe over $1,000.00.

How did I learn to cut hair?

My dad.

My dad, who at 67 has the thickest head of hair of any grown man I know. Going bald is something he will never have to worry about.

As a teenage, I gave my dad haircuts. Sometimes they turned out great. Other times, it was obvious he was working with a non-professional, but was always grateful, especially since he needed a haircut about once a month.

How do you show love to your child/children/parents/ family/ spouse?

Is it a kiss, a kind word, their favorite dinner, a note in their lunch box?

Saying I love you is important, but showing it is equally so.

Last week was our 5-day give away, and I wanted something really special for the last day, so here it is.

I have a dear friend who makes and designs jewelry. She’s offered a necklace to a lucky follower of My Dear Trash. The necklace has two charms and she’s offered to engrave your own personal message (up to 9 characters each per charm). Her website is

If this was my necklace I would engrave:

Four Boys

1 Girl

Wouldn’t that be cute!

To qualify, become a follower and leave at least one comment between today, January 25, 2010 and February 13, 2010. Kelly and I will post the winner on Valentines Day.

Thank you, I declare for your generous offer of this lovely necklace. I Declare will engrave any special message, but they also feature necklaces for nurses & mom’s who run in marathons, 10 K's and so on. I Declare was recently featured at the Phoenix Rock n' Roll Marathon. Great niche for sure.

Kelly and I support mother's who work from home. If you have an idea for a give-away and want us to feature your business, just give us a shout and let's do something fun.

If you're a trash collector, like Kelly and I, send over your recent finds and we'll feature you as a guest.

Now, for the winners of last weeks give-aways.

Annette, I hope you enjoy my manuscript, Colors of the Sea.

Molly and Jay, a Chuck Norris T-shirt is coming your way.

Emily, you'll look great in your new Ralph Lauren Sweater

and Kathryn, (by the way, love your blog) you win the Ann Taylor Cardigan.

Please email me at with your address and I'll get your prizes out with my next EBay mailings. Congratulations.

More give-aways to come, so stay posted.


  1. Found your blog from iDeclare charms. Really enjoying what I've read so far, can't wait until I have more time to read. :)

  2. We have nicknames for our family - Dad - Meat, Mom - Cheese, Trinity - Sauce, Skyler - Noodle. Together we make a great meal. I would engrave my daughters nicknames. Noodle & Sauce. It would only make sense to us. But its ours. not always perfect. not always on time. not always pretty. but it reminds us we are a perfect family together.

  3. I found you through iDeclare charms...your children are adorable! Also adding you to my facebook page...I found ideclare charms through my running habit, which all began when my cousin was diagosed with leukemia at the age of 3. I decided to run a marathon in his honor with Team in Training which is part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I would engrave my charms with him and his brother's names, Jakob and James, because they are my inspiration!

  4. Your children are adorable, absolutely precious! And I love their names, so unique, so awesome!
    I, too, found ideclare charms through my running habit. They had a booth set up in Nashville for the Country Music Marathon and I bought 2 charms, "run" and "nashville". I would engrave "houston" and "chicago" for the cities of the other 2 half marathons I have (houston) and will (chicago) run!

  5. Love ideclare charms! I hope I win!

  6. I love ideclare charms! I have one that I purchased after running Grandma's Marathon in Duluth this past June. I would love to be entered in the Jan./Feb. drawing! I, like you, could enter Four boys and 1 girl! I love having a big family! Thanks!
    Lisa Buhr

  7. I found your blog through idelclare. She made me a beautiful mother's bracelet and a runner girl necklace. I think I would have to add to my running necklace... Start listing the trail runs I've done =)

  8. I just love your blog! I love your children's names and all your creative energy. I wish we had been friends when my little one was little - she is 27 now and expecting my first grandbaby! We are so excited!

    Frankly, I found your blog through iDeclare charms. I'd love to win the give-a-way. More importantly though I read about your broken teeth and have shared that info with my daughter for her pregnancy. Thank you

  9. Just found your blog thanks to Annette! Loving what I see! I think I'd put my kiddo's names on the charms so they're always near my heart.

  10. I'm a big ideclare fan and found them at an expo in nashville at my very first half. i have since purchased more charms for myself, family and friends. annette is fantastic - this xmas i had an "issue" with a gift for my mother and annette called me at home several times to make sure she had it right and let me know when it was ready and on its way. you can't beat that kind of personal and friendly service!
    i can't wait to check out your blog more thoroughly - and i agree with several of the other's postings, i love the names you chose for your children!
    hope i win!

  11. Oh your blog completely feeds my soul! Thanks for sharing you.

  12. 10 things you need to know about Chuck Norris!!! LOL

  13. I love the charms and necklace I purchased in San Diego! Keep creating!!

  14. I declare! What a beautiful website, and Jewelry. I get many compliments... Keep up the art and creativity, its beautiful

  15. I declare... Beatiful art and designs... So happy I founds you.

  16. iDeclare! Love the charms. Hope to win! ~Heidi at

  17. ideclaire!, love my charm bracelet, i've done several more races, just need to order the charms to add to the bracelet. It's really a special piece of my jewerly. Love your designs.

  18. Hi! Found your blog through :) Such a cute site. I became a fan...hope to win. Look forward to reading your blog.

  19. I LOVE i declare charms and have a necklace with my kid's names.. of course I would always love another one!

  20. Love the charm necklace!!! Sure hope I win! I am becoming a first time grandma to two sweet little ones this year, this would be perfect for my babies names!!!

  21. I LOVE being a Mommy and hopefully setting an example of what it means to be physically fit. My kids often look at the necklace I currently wear which has nothing to do with exercise. I would LOVE to have a necklace that would serve as a beautiful reminder of how just important running is in my life and how important physical activity should be to all!!!!

  22. This blog is way fun!! Lovin the ideclare necklace so cute!!

  23. i'm now a new follower! what an awesome giveaway =)

  24. found you through i declare charms. those charms are so cute. i'm not a big jewelry "wearer" but these charms are so adorable and a great way to keep my babies close to my heart.

  25. My husband has given me a necklace with a pendant that says “My love” in his own handwriting. I know that it’s a pretty common gift, but it’s the thought behind it that matters to me. There are a lot of ways to say I love you to your beloved, but I believe that as long as it’s genuine, your loved one will have it in any way.

    Maude Quintana