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Monday, January 4, 2010

My Journey With A Dentist Cabinet

A few months ago I bought this amazing dresser at Mesa Thrift for $24.99.

As the clerk and I carried it out to my car, a zealous woman stopped and examined the dresser, oohing and aahing at its grandeur.


"Ahh," she said

She really liked it.

“Do you know what this is?” she asked, almost panting while waiting for my reply.

“I just think its cool,” I said.

“Well, this in an old dentistry cabinet. You can tell by the little drawers. A dentist would keep his supplies in here, tools, crowns, etc.”

I love when people share their expertise with me.

It’s so cool.

When I bought my dentistry cabinet home I had big plans. Painting, new fixtures and finishing it to look even more amazing, but it sat in the garage for way too long. Last week I wanted to see what I could for it on Craig’s list.

I posted it for $75.00.

I immediately received a call from a guy named Ryan.

He came out from Cave Creek and had a good look at the dentist cabinet.

While Ryan was at my home he explained to me what does for a living.

And let me tell you, it makes what I do look like child’s play.

He buys and re-sales vintage furniture.

Where does he get his stuff?

Yard sales, thrift stores, auctions, estates sales and Craig’s list.

He has bigger plans then I ever did for the dentistry cabinet. He wants to re-sell it for an even higher profit.

So, where does he sell the stuff he finds?

The Antique Trove

Craig’s list

EBay and his own website.

And he makes thousands of dollars a month.

Ryan told me the hot vintage furniture selling right now is called Danish modern, like on this website.

I was so pumped up by Ryan’s ideas; I decided to try more furniture sells of my own, starting with this couch.

I purchased it off Craig’s list for $50.00, brought it home, and sold it for $150.00.

I used the money I earned to pay for Christmas presents for a sweet family in my church. The kids and I had so much fun gathering clothes, toys and goodies for them.

I found this antique phone at Goodwill and paid $10.00 on half-off day. I brought it home, plugged it in and let me tell you, it works great. I think I'll list it on Craig's list for $45.00.

I won't be posting this fur-inspired hand-made basket. Somethings just won't sell.

I’ll be posting more of my furniture finds in the upcoming weeks.

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  1. How fun is that???!!! I'm afraid to tell Tony, cuz he is the Craig's list KING! He buys lots of stuff, and could really get in to selling. He told Mike he would sell off any of his unwanted treasures. Tony is retired, and I could really see him getting into this. Only problem is we have no space, and live in a small condo, with a one car garage already full of his junk, uh, oh, I mean treasures! He is a sucker for antiques!