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Monday, January 18, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds!

We're starting all kinds of new traditions here at My Dear Trash. We're super excited for the giveaways and now each Monday I'll be posting a picture with all my weekend finds- prices included. Occasionally, I'll be pitching in one of my finds as a giveaway- so don't delay, become a follower NOW. Here's this weeks finds:
A group of 3 solid wood frames for $5.00- I have an amazing project in the works with these. Also a Happy Birthday game/banner for my little one's first birthday this Friday and a 3 picture wood frame that will become an awesome valentine gift for Mr. Right.
Look at this adorable miniture baby grand piano, complete with stool! At $5.00 it will make a great gift for my birthday girl. I also picked up a Melissa and Doug three little pigs playset- it retails for 29.99- but I picked it up for $1.00. A new Operation game for my kids- our patient's nose lit up, but no buzzer, so for $1 I was able to get a new one. 3 boxes of canning jars in all the sizes I need- quart, pint, and 8oz at just $2.00 a box I'll be able to can my peach jam in just a few months. Also in the picture: Beautiful skirt for my 17 year old for $1.00, Linksys wireless router $5 (ours broke and a new one is $60- we are so blessed) Box cutter .75 (you can never have too many of these) and Mr. Rights pick of the week... A new Rascal Flatts 2 CD still in its original wrapping- $1
Here's my favorite finds: 6 yards of a beautiful linen fabric $3, 2 candlesticks for $1 each, a wood magazine holder for $2 and beautiful bookends for $2 for the set. Inside the magazine rack are some cables- ethernet cables, just what my 20 year old needs as she prepares to leave for Florida for her Walt Disney World internship- at just .50 for all of them, we really saved some money here. We also picked up some great books for cheap. If you look super close you'll see a miniature clock and cash register- these are cast iron and at .50 cents each I couldn't resist. The cash register has a working drawer and a pencil sharpener. My kids love it!
I hope you enjoyed looking at my new trash. Love, Kelly

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