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Monday, January 11, 2010

Shipping News

If going to the post office is never fun,

than shipping over 100 items at the post office is borderline nuts.

But that’s what I have to do today.

And that makes me completely nuts.

Shipping is the one part of EBay I moan and groan about.

It’s when I say to myself, “Do I really need to be doing this?”

My email account is full of PayPal payments.

I copy down the address and write what needs to be shipped on the inner label of that specific envelope.

I use the flat rate envelopes. I can ship anything that fits for $4.95.

I take my 100 pre-labeled envelopes and go into –


My kids love his room.

There’s so much to do here.

That’s one benefit of bringing home so much trash.

I do find a lot of toys.

But, I use this twin bed for my EBay sales.

I sort through the things I’ve sold for the week.

It’s like doing a puzzle.

A really annoying puzzle you don’t want to do.

Image found here.

This puzzle involves envelopes, packaging tape and patience.

Which piece goes where?

Do these jeans match this envelope?

Why does this blazer have dog hair all over it?

Next I stuff my bins full of the packaged envelopes.

I’ve found more then one use for my double stroller.

It helps me get my trash into the post office.

If shipping 100 items at the post office is borderline nuts,

what happens when I throw two little boys into the equation?

Mayer and Reef call it “playtime” or “race track” or “slip n’ slide.”

I call it “How to keep my kids from getting stuck inside a P.O Box?”

Ah, yes. There’s one more element of this equation.

I call it “The line out the door.”

There’s always a line and there’s always a wait.

I use the automated machine.

It’s my best friend.


  1. Wow. What a pain. I've often considered selling on ebay as I get so many great thrift buys but... I may have to reconsider after reading your post :(

  2. Laura, I have just fooled around with this a little in the past(but I've been on a selling hiatus)so things might have changed...
    Got a digital scale on ebay. Went online to and did the click and ship. I didn't have too many to send (not to mention 2 kids **and being pregnant!** in tow) so I just mailed my things out, but if you have that many things to mail, FOR SURE do a "request for free pickup"!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! You and Kelly rock! Dee

  3. Just a suggestion (and I'm not sure you'll even get this comment, as it's an older post, but...) I use online postage and print all my labels at home; no writing down addresses, etc! Plus, you get a postage discount when you ship from home! It's so easy and well worth it! The addresses are linked between eBay and Paypal, so all you do is "click and ship".