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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mini Kitchen Make-over

I have six daughters- granted they range in age from 1 (her birthday's tomorrow) to 20, but when you are blessed to have six daughters you can never own too many barbies, babies and play kitchens. This leads me to my next garage sale find, a few weeks ago Mr. Right and I found an adorable mini kitchen. Now, we already have this great kidscraft wood kitchen pictured hereBut with a $5 price tag I couldn't refuse. And... you may have noticed "pink palace playhouse" on my under construction list- I thought this would make a perfect outdoor kitchen by the new playhouse were remodeling. So here's the before...
There's one thing that really makes me crazy... Okay, maybe more than one thing, but one of the things that makes me crazy are people who are lazy painters. If you're going to take the time to paint something, do a good job. Remove all hardware, doors, knobs, etc. so you can get a professional looking product. Prime! Prime! Prime! The picture doesn't quite show all of the details- but there is white paint splattered on the metal hardware, they used a marker to color the burner grates black, and they didn't prime with Kilz so the oil from the wood knots are coming through (that's what the big brown spot is on the front cupboard) . While I was examining this example of pure laziness and complaining how the paint runs over onto the back I find this stamp:

(See how the paint goes over the edge? Doesn't that just make you crazy- okay, maybe I'm a litle OCD about painting) Elves and Angels. I googled this today and discovered that my little $5 kitchen actually cost $206.95 new!!!! $206.95!!!! Here's a pic of what the kichen originally looked like:This one has a little oven door- I guess mine is the vintage model- that probably makes it even more valuable, or maybe not? It's made out of pine and is evidently a popular toy offered by numerous specialty stores. On to the make-over... first, we removed all knobs and hardware, sanded, primed and gave it two coats of Behr's Polar Bear White. My 6 year old really wanted to be part of the make-over, so I let her do the painting. No worries, she's been trained by a crazy OCD mother. She was very proud of her paint job, as was I. We sprayed the knobs with Rustoleums berry pink and then put it all back together. Here it is all finished up.
I can't wait to move it outside into her new playhouse. Hope you enjoyed. Love, Kelly

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  1. That's adorable! You found a true bargain. It looks even cuter after your makeover.

  2. Gorgeous!! What a difference and for just $5?!?? I'm so looking out for one now...