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Friday, January 8, 2010

Humble Me

This week has been so humbling.

Let’s start with the two rejections letters I received from agents.

Really cool agents whom I’ve researched because they are looking for young adult manuscripts with a fantasy theme.

Just like my manuscript.

But, my manuscript is not a right fit with either literary agency.

I sent 5 queries out this week and already two super cool agents have said no.

Eat it up, Laura, a nice, healthy serving of humble pie.

And then there’s my belly.

Six months pregnant rolled into my life this week.

Image found here.

And I am huge.

I mean everything is huge.

After having four babies, I know what happens from here on out.

I get even bigger.

My feet swell and I have a difficult time getting around.

On the bright side, I’ll write another novel.

I’ve already started it.

Stories of a Some-what Successful Junk Collector

It’s written for the 8 to 12 year old boy.

My boys think it’s really funny, but I’m only on page 3.

Starting a new novel is wonderful and overwhelming and a little humbling too.

Next in the humble category, my kids and the counselor are so sweet.

Now you may ask?

How is that humbling?

Well . . . when I’ve been a pill, stressing and worrying & not making dinner-

Everyone’s wearing dirty socks & I’m speed reading through bedtime stories so I can get back to work-

Yet the boys are so helpful and telling me I’m pretty and the best mom-

And the counselor says "How can I help you, my love?"

It humbles me, greatly.

But the passing of Linda Call has weighed so heavily on my mind.

So, I prayed how I could help the Calls & I felt I should have this yard sale.

Neighbors and friends, church members and strangers have humbled me with their kindness.

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Everyone wants to help.

Everyone wants to share their dear trash.

Mike Call came to my home to drop off items he cleaned out from a storage shed, items he wants to donate to the yard sale.

He had the same warm smile on his face he always does. His sweet charm and inspiring attitude humbled me.

I want to tell you, Mike. You are a wonderful person.

The phones ringing off the hook, my email box is full, all from people who want to help.

It’s going to be a busy day.

I will watch others serve, give and donate all in the name of love, all in the name of Christ.

I'm humbled.

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  1. You are living the dream, everything comes in the right time. XOXO and i think a pregnant women is beautiful!!