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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trash To Cash Wednesday!

Another fantastic week as temperatures, in some parts of the country, rise and people are thinking about spring. This week it was all about dresses! Let's take a look at my top sellers...
Women's Max Studio Size M Brown and White Graphic Dress $10.50
Women's Scarlett Size 16W Little Black Dress $10.50
Women's Anthropologie Lilka Size M Cream Peasant Top $10.50
Women's Bebe Size M Sexy Little Black Dress $13.55
Women's Uniti Size M Black & White Floral Dress $13.55
Women's Ann Taylor Loft Size 8 Floral Cotton Skirt $15.00
Women's New With Tags Merona Size XL Linen Floral Dress $15.50
Women's H&M Size 12 Black Metallic Dot Dress $20.50
Women's Ann Taylor Size 8 Red Dress $20.51
Women's Lily Size 2X Long Black Floral Maxi Dress $27.78
Women's Diane Von Furstenberg Vintage Size 4 Silk Dress $50.00
And remember the wild card I've hinted at for the past few weeks- hoping it would sell. It sold this week. I paid $40.00 at a garage sale for this Women's Harley Davidson Size 1W Genuine Leather Jacket and it finally sold for $69.99- Not too bad of a profit. Here's the week's totals.

Ebay Total:$546.89
Costs: 51.00(clothes), 37.00(ebay fees), 35.48(paypal fees)
Total Profit: $423.41

I started pulling from my summer pile this week and can't wait to get some of the gems I've hidden away listed. Have a great week. Love, Kelly


  1. Love the bebe dress. I have been finding a few bebe peices this week and they get bids almost right away. Sold a few already and have a few more that I found today to get listed this week.

    I never pick up Merona items, unless they are for me to wear. Do they tend to do well for you? Or was this a fluke? I see ALOT of Merona at GW and other thrifts and always think they are cute.


  2. What is your id on ebay? The ebay ad is no longer on your side bar. That is how I would get to your ebay site. I miss it.

  3. Tiffany,
    I don't normally sell Merona items either- However, lately I've found a few really cute items that are new with tags- had to give it a try and this one paid off. I've got two more this week listed, so I'll let you know via trash to cash if they're top sellers.

    My id is skidoo3

  4. Hi! How long do you typically wait before filing an unpaid bidding case on ebay? I have had a few unpaid since October and usually file at about a week past the winning auction. But this week I have 6 people who have not paid!! This is frustrating to me, no contact to ask for more time, no answer to my emails. Do you have any advice? Thanks! Megan