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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hoarder House Update

A few weeks ago, Kelly and I were up to our knees in trash, digging through treasures in the backyard shed of a hoarder house.   You can read all about that fun adventure by clicking here.
There was everything you could imagine, a roomful of dishes (many broken), old books (many water warped and falling apart) and vintage furniture (most was damaged in some way).  In Arizona, digging through piles of neglected trash can be dangerous.  You never know when you’re going to run across a scorpion nest or a sleeping black widow.  Plus, there was broken glass and shards of wood.  To say it was an adventure is an understatement, especially when we noticed the beehive near the back of the house.  We were sure to stay clear of that.  Despite the obvious obstacles, Kelly and I had a great time and came away with some amazing trash.
I found this lamp.
See it here with the pink shade.
You can see the base of it on the little buffet dresser.
It was dusty and the metal was rusty, but after a little polishing, it cleaned up well.  It worked, but needed a new lamp shade.
I was shopping at Goodwill in the lamp section, when I came across a bag with what looked like a vintage chandelier.  It was in horrible shape, with all the crystals sitting at the bottom of the bag.  I purchased it and once home, I spent an evening attaching every single orange, purple, turquoise and white crystal. 
I loved how it turned out.  Everyone who comes over wants to know the story of the lamp and all my trash has some sort of fun story. 
Also at the hoarder house, I found this vintage art drafting table.
I just loved the design.
My neighbor, Kristin, is a dear friend who also loves collecting trash.  She came over and after looking at this art table, asked if she could work some magic with it.
Hey, I’m all for magic.
This is what she did.
It’s now a chalkboard.
Magic, indeed.
Kristin also had an idea for this bookshelf I found at the hoarder house.
Here it is next to a swag chair I found at the thrift store.
Presto magic!
Work it, girl!
One man’s trash is indeed this girl’s treasure.
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  1. Welcome back .........!! Hope you and your kids had a great spring break. Your posts are always fun to read, and along with Kelly, you guys are very interesting ladies! Love how you put that lamp together :-) And I LOVE those crates in the picture too. All of it is great stuff!

  2. I always come away so inspired by your posts like this. It makes me want to find some trash and make it fabulous. I'm in a stage of life though where my kids are still so young I rarely have time to do something just for me. Someday...