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Monday, October 18, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds!

October is always a big month for garage sales here in Arizona. I had to really shop hard this weekend as next weekend I'll be organizing a huge rummage sale for my daughter's elementary school. I'll be posting more details about that sale later this week, so if you're local, mark your calendar. Here's a peek at some of my finds...Let's take a closer look...
This wooden die will look great in our toy room, it was $1.00. Those bars are homemade lye soap for .50- I've heard it's great for removing stains on clothing- and it also looks cool.
All of the pillows were purchased for just $2.00. These are feather pillows with great quality fabric.
The journals were purchased as part of a big stack of books for a few dollars and the "Guests" sign was $3.00.
I LOVE! these vintage brushes- they have such great texture and were only $2.00 each. The cast iron bird dish was $2.00, the frame 1.00 and the french clock was $4.00 (It will look great sprayed black)
This hanging lantern will get a little Pottery Barn make-over for the holidays- It was $5.00
Here's another one of those feather pillows- $2.00
This brand new black and white bedding set ($10.00) will be the jumping off point for a 13 year olds bedroom make-over. The feather trimmed pillows were $2.00 each
I can a lot of jam for the holidays so it's a treat to find cases of cute jars for $2.00 each. I love the shapes of the self seal jars on the left. The seller used to do candles and is now getting out of it.
I'm still working on collecting letters for an upcoming project- The gold "B" was $1.00 and the word B.A.T.H. was $2.00.
This Thomasville coffee table was part of a set of 3
Here's the two side tables. The seller said she paid $1200.00 for the set. She sold the set to me for $25.00- This will not be my next paint project- I will flip them, as is, on craigslist for- Hum... Maybe $150- what do you think?
Here's another set I purchased. Birdhouse bench, adirondack chair and hat rack- all for $40.00. I just wanted the bench so I'll probably sell the other 2 pieces. They are pretty rickity, but have a great style. Not pictured is over 40 items of clothing (many from Anthropologie) that I purchased fro .50 to 1.00 each. I also picked up some Belle Notte pillowcases- a great ebay seller- So I'll keep you posted on my profits from those. Hope you had a great garaging weekend. Love, Kelly.


  1. WOW. Great finds. Seems to be some really good yard sales in Arizona!

  2. I'm amazed how you can look at something and think of a better use for it. Love to see the final projects when you're done! :D

  3. Wonderful finds. I love them all. Not much in our area. Just most clothes and nothing special. I think you hit the jackpot. Hugs, Marty

  4. Impressive! I'm very jealous, garage sales are slowly winding down for the season here in Indiana. I didn't even go to a single one this weekend. The long bleak winter months with no garage saling are getting too close.

  5. How do you keep your home look gorgeous with all your finds taking up room?
    My place looks like a junk shop when I pick up too many items at the local op-shops.
    Beautiful finds as per usual. You have a real eye for quality items.

  6. The white set is awesome and looks like an antique. I got green eyes!! Love

  7. gosh i didn't know arizona was such a jackpot for garage sales. you always find AMAZING things. i'm originally from mesa (now live in tennessee) - do you have certain neighborhoods you scope out or just look for the garage sale ads on craigslist?? some good finds here but nothing like what you come across!

  8. Can I go garage saling with you? SERIOUSLY! I'm in Chandler, went garage saling this weekend and it was a total bust!

  9. Love the clock, letters and canning jars. Now is a great time to pick up inexpensive canning jars here. I'm so happy to be adding to my collection of them, too!

  10. Seriously. How do you find this stuff!

  11. You are lucky to get such a great price on those canning jars and that table set! $25!!!??? Crazy! That will be an easy flip!!

  12. Did you happen to get some of the Anthropologie clothes in the same place as the pillows? I have some like the one's you got. I'm about 100 percent positive those are from Anthro. The very last one for sure is. Mine are almost the same fabric as that one, also feather down. If you keep them you'll love them they seem to repel stains which in my house is nothing short of a miracle!

  13. Whitney,
    I just shop in my area (a 3 mile square) sometimes I look on craigslist for neighborhood sales or estate sales, but I find my best stuff by just being consistant in my area.

    Come on down! I'll go garaging with you- I found some amazing finds this time last year in Chandler when I was picking up a jewelry box from someone on craigslist- but if you want to try my neck of the woods- send me an email.

    Yes, the pillows were purchased at the same sale as the Anthropologie clothes- I think you just made my day!!!!!

  14. WoW! You found some gorgeous stuff, you do well talking people down, too.
    Hugs, Cindy

  15. I have GOT to find me some better garage sales!