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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pink Is Growing

I'll be honest with you; my four boy's bedrooms are somewhat under appreciated.  We moved into this home two years ago and I have yet to really decorate their bedrooms.
While Eden's room is just bursting with new projects, constant updating and sophisticated decor.
Sorry boy's, 
but I've waited a long time for this little darling and all I've got on my mind is pink.
Poor Chandler has to do crafts just to get some time in with mom.  
He loves his little sissy so much, he wanted to help me add a bit more personality to her chandelier.  By now you probably know the only gun in this house is a glue gun.
I found this flower arrangement at a yard sale for .25 cents.  The chandelier was $2.00.
We love how it turned out.
Sometimes trash I find is like fine wine; it takes some aging to really enjoy. 
I found these large tin bins at a yard sale two years ago. I paid $2.00 each; nothing to brag about really (especially since they've been collecting cobwebs on my back patio).  
I think I've used them once to haul in some firewood, but the princess inspires again.
She needs some place to put her dirty princess clothes.  
No ordinary hamper will do. I spray paint them white and get started.
Here's a drape I found at Goodwill on 1/2 off day for $2.50.
This glue gun sure comes in handy.  Just call me trigger happy.
I think this .75 cent ribbon bouquet from Mesa Thrift was a maid-of-honor idea gone horribly wrong.
Mayer and I take it apart and use the ribbon for the final touches of the royal hamper.  Poor Mayer.  He's has to work with pink fabric and sparkly ribbons just to get some time with mom.
We just love how they turn out.
One for clothes, the other for toys.
Don't worry, I'm still up to my ears in boy stuff.
While cleaning their bathroom, I walked into their shower.
It's like a used car lot sitting under Niagara Falls in here.
And why is the boy's bathroom drawer full of girl's swimsuits?
We have so many friend/nieces/girl-y guest in general that come over and want to swim, but for some reason or another forgot/don't have a swimsuit; I think I found the solution. Whenever I find a cute swimsuit at a yard sale/thrift store, I bring it home, wash it and keep it in the girl-y swimsuit drawer; all sizes and lot's of happy guests.
At least all my trash re-do's this week aren't totally girl-y.
Reef and Payson had a blast helping me find a way to use this $1.00 yard sale photo collage.
We purchased some spongy Halloween stickers at the craft store and they did the rest.
Our sweet friend Morgan adds her special touch.
This collage is front door worthy.
Of course, the floor needs some help with all of us working on crafts.
No worries.  It just blends with the constant sand trail that Reef brings in from his new $5.00 garage sale sandbox.
His sand toys are from a garage sale too.  What a nice garage sale man who said Reef could have all the sand toys he wanted for $1.00.  It really pays to have cute kids.
Little Sis looks breath-taking in her $3.00 Ralph Lauren yard sale dress.
Sis, you're growing up so fast.
We all rush to your room when you wake up.
My, what a beautiful pink room and what a beautiful baby girl.
I think pink is growing on all of us.
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  1. Awwwwwww, I love this post, just like your boys love their little sister. You're so creative. I really like the Halloween collage and the swimsuit drawer.

  2. What a sweet (and funfilled) post! I think it is wonderful the boys will help make their sissy something & I am sure their wives (one day) will appreciate the crafting skills they learned at Mommy's side! Love all your bargains- wish I could go yard salen & thrifting but for now I have to live vicariously thru my thrifty blogging pals who show me how it's done- I should be an expert when I'm able to! You have a beautiful family and are so clever and creative- wish you were in our ward!!! Also wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog- so nice of you to take time out to post it- I know you're busy! Be blessed, Karyl =0)
    Oh- & I love the idea of keeping suits on hand for guests- that is such a great idea! We hope to get a pool this coming summer so I'll keep that in mind...

  3. How cute! You've definitely got quite the decorating knack! I just LOVE the chandalier! Did I spell that correctly? Anyways, cute!

  4. Love your crafty spirit, everything turned out so cute!

  5. Hi there! I am your newest follower from the blog hop!! Lovely blog:) You can find me at

  6. Love all the pink-especially the pink wall with the tile look!