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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For the Love of Cargo Pants - A Transformation from Amy Sumrall

Oh, man . . . oh man!
I'm a huge fan of cargo pants.  
Not only are they a great seller on EBay, but they are a style I love to wear.
Make them from J. Crew and I'm that much happier.
What is it about cargo pants that makes me feel so capable?
Are cargo pants the female version of a man's tool belt?

With pockets and zippers and secret compartments.
Cargo pants empower.
Look at Penelope Cruz hanging with the bad boys in her khakis cargo's. You go, girl.
Cargo pants are low rise, a style that makes me feel like I can hang with the rest of the trendies.
Cargo pants are casual, sure, but something about them makes me feel like I've tried  harder then I actually did 
Like when I wear my hair in a side ponytail.  It's taken no more effort then a regular pony tail, but I feel more dressed up.
Cargo pants are that something extra; a pair of dangling earrings I put on just before I leave the house or red lip stick at the last minute before my date with the counselor.
Celebrities love them too; just ask Jessica Alba.
They look even better with a baby in tow.
Cargo pants come in so many styles I could never tire of them.
This cargo pants transformation on Lil' Bit's and Berries makes my head spin.
I think I'm in love.
Amy takes ordinary cargo pants
and makes them into cargo skirts.
Combining cargo pants into a skirt is a style I want to eat with silver-plated gravy spoon.
I told Amy she's got an idea that has ETSY written all over it.
Check out Lil' Bit's & Berries for more amazing ideas; most of which come from trash she finds out thrifting.


  1. Oh wow, super cool!! My three cargos are kept in my cupboard and still waiting an edit!! I'll do this to one of them. Thanks!!


  2. You rock! Thanks so much for the blog love! MWAH!