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Monday, October 11, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds

I was solo this weekend as Mr. Right took a few of the girls out of town to go Deer hunting. Although my garaging was interrupted through-out the morning with dropping off kids here and there, I still found some great trash. Let's take a look...
Do you love the metal candlesticks as much as I do. There's a set of 5, plus 3 really great pillar candles (vanilla scent) The set with candles was $5!!!! (I know, what were they thinking)
The metal flower brooches were $1.00 each. I'm collecting them to make a bouquet.
The metal crown picture was $2.00- I know I have a frame somewhere around here that will fit.
The mirror has a bit of damage (see the crack and small piece of missing frame?) but it was only $2 and will look great painted up. Now, get ready for my favorite purchases...
Favorite purchase #1
Favorite purchase #2. Are these planes great or what. I paid $20.00 total for both. Their wingspan is almost 3 feet wide (just to give you an idea of how big they are) The owner asked me if I was going to sell them (without even knowing I have a habit of doing that) I told her they were going in our toy room- she said she was relieved because she paid $150.00 for the red plane and was having a hard time parting with it, but she just didn't have a place for it anymore. Funny how we want to make sure our possessions are going to a good home- even when we're selling them at a garage sale!I just saw a great idea for this Ball liquid dispenser in the pottery barn catalog I love when I see an idea and then find the item the next weekend- especially when it's only $2. (Pottery barn price $69.00) The little jar was .50.
I also found a few costumes for my 7 year old's costume closet and TWO monopoly games (just a reminder, I collect the pieces) And I know I said the planes were my two favorite purchases, but this is coming in at a close 2nd...
A back to basics Smoothie Plus. This was new in the package for just $5. We've already used it 3 times this weekend. Not only does it chop through frozen fruit, but it also dispenses. Now I'm not usually an appliance queen at garage sales but here's another weekend find...
A brand new Cuisinart frozen yogurt/Icecream/Sorbet maker. This is the type where you don't need rocksalt and ice. You just put the container in the freezer overnight and the gel that's trap in the middle makes the ingredients freeze. We make homemade icecream a few times a year, so this will be a great addition. So, even flying solo, with many interruptions, I had a great garaging weekend. Hope you did too. Love, Kelly


  1. Great deals!!! I am so jealous of the candlesticks. They are so nice. You are an awesome garage saler! =0)

  2. I love your purchases. I've been looking for a drink dispenser but I might just end up buying it at Kohl's or Belk when they have it on sale because I haven't had any luck. The planes are awesome, on the lookout for something similar for my nephews bedroom. You found some great things this weekend. I need to get to yard sales more often, lately it's just been thrift shops but I think better deals can be had when people are selling it themselves.

  3. Love those planes, and I have to tell you we have a smoothie maker and adore it! Did you know you can add a frozen banana, peel and all and it'll smooth it? Amazing!