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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trash To Cash Wednesday!

What would you do if someone unexpectedly handed you $1,000? Or If it just showed up in your bank account? Think about that question while I show you my top sellers this week...
Formal dresses aren't usually a good seller on ebay, however, with the holidays approaching it appears some want to pick up designer evening wear at a resale price. This Women's Jones New York Size 10 Red Cocktail Dress sold for $14.99.
This Women's Dana Buckman Size 16 Black Silk Cocktail Dress sold for $24.99
This Women's NWT Nicole Miller Size 2 $275 Black Lace Dress sold for $26.00
This Women's Bebe Size S Sexy Black Dress sold for $36.00 (remember I said I was experimenting with this brand- so far all items have sold big)
This Diane Von Furstenberg Size 6 Silk Vittoriana Dress sold for $41.00 (if you aren't familiar with Diane Von Furstenberg, she was a guest judge on Project Runway, A highly acclaimed designer and is credited for creating the wrap dress in the 60's- find a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress and you've got a winner on ebay.) Don't get me wrong, dresses aren't the only thing selling on ebay. Here's some of my other top sellers this week...

Women's Eileen Fisher Size Petite Large Chocolate Brown Pants sold for $29.99
Women's Gap Size 20 Curvy Trouser Denim Jeans sold for $34.00- Trouser jeans are really in right now. Now you know I don't usually buy men's clothing for ebay, however these jeans were in the women's section. I thought they were cute, and for women, so I bought them for $1.00.
I wasn't familiar with the brand AG Adriano Goldschmied so I looked them up on ebay, under the completed listings. I discovered they are actually men's jeans and sell quite well. These came in as my top seller this week. Men's AG Size 34x32 Denim Jeans sold for $42.00. So why do I want to know what you would do with an extra $1,000. Because that's almost what I earned this WEEK on ebay. Completely and totally unexpected! I love the financial freedom ebay affords my family. I'll repeat my weekly advice: If you've ever thought of selling on ebay, start now. Sometimes I feel like an infomercial, but believe me I'm not receiving any type of compensation from ebay. I know these are hard economic times and I truly believe ebay is a nitch that not only isn't suffering from the economy, but is actually thriving, as more people are looking for a better deal then a department store. Here's my totals for the week:

Ebay Profits:$973.45
Craigslist Profits:0
Costs: 88.00(clothes), 120.02(ebay fees), 67.56 (paypal fees)
Total Profit: $697.87

It's not $1,000 pure profit, but who's complaining! Looks like a little early Christmas shopping for my family. So, Tomorrow is Goodwill's dollar day (If you're in a location that has dollar day) go pick up 20 items and give ebay a try. Your first 100 items are free to list each month so you've got nothing to loose. Okay change the channel now, I'm really am sounding like a commercial. Love, Kelly


  1. I've started ebay just recently. Just yesterday I had a case brought up against me. The seller said the item wasn't as described, it shipped slowly, and I charged twice as much on shipping as it actually took. I offered her a full refund if once item was returned or $4.00 on the shipping (she paid $10). She still gave me negative feedback and brought a case against me. Ebay closed it, and said we were both cleared--though she got a refund from ebay. It discouraged me and I wondered how often you have to deal with people like this. I tried working with her and would have given refunds, but she wasn't interested. I feel burned.

  2. This is amazing. The dresses are so cool. Posts like this get me more motivated then before. Your new nickname: Ms. Overachiever.

  3. Well Done! I sold an item the other day for 45.95, I paid 4.99 for it. Not really a big deal, but as you know it all adds up. We just don't get the designer clothes here in our small little Canadian town lol. But, I do okay with clothes. I find the longer I'm selling on ebay, the more items I have up for auction, the better I do. Thank you Kelly & Laura, you are an inspiration!

  4. You dont sound like a commercial! I love Trash to Cash Wednesday! It makes me want to try to work my system better. I do a 3 day cycle which I like but I don't always relist right away or sometimes I relist here and there so I always have items in the que but somtiemes its frustrating. I love seeing how much you clear each week and it gives me hope that one day I can achieve those kinds of profits!! I'm still working on it!
    Em @

  5. plus - I learned something absolutely new from you today! I didn't know you could search completed auctions on eBay! I'm gonna try that!
    Thanks! Em @

  6. I haven't tried selling on ebay yet, but I'm really inspired once again by your post. I keep thinking I should at least try it. I don't have anything to lose do I? I guess an easy way for me to start is to try selling the vintage dresses I used to collect (and wear) but no longer have use for.... Hmmm.

  7. Trash to Cash Wednesday is my favourite day post! Keep it up, and all the infomercial vibes are only jump starting my enthusiasm, so keep it up!!! Great week, by the way!

  8. Love the trash to cash Wednesdays! I'm nowhere near that amount yet, but things are picking up. My best so far has been a Tahari jacket I bought for $1 going for $37. Yippee!

  9. hey kelly! love the blog! im a huge fan! i have a few questions for you. how many things do you post a week? what is your average starting price?
    how can i see your stuff on ebay? i sell on ebay also and i am trying to increase my profits. you are a great inspiration! thanks!!

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  11. Hi, Kelly! I'm loving your Wednesday posts! I've recently started ebaying, and I direct everyone who asks me about it to My Dear Trash.
    (I deleted my previous post b/c I found what I was looking for!)

  12. I have a question about how long you give buyers to pay. I sold an item on Sunday and still have not received payment. Normally I put in the ad payment is due within 3 days, but this listing it got forgotten. I have sent them an invoice and an email reminder. How long do you wait before offering second chances to the other biders? Thanks, I love your blog.

  13. I love it!! Congrats on a great week! I think you should make everyone "find" you on ebay. You give enough hints. I was able to find you by something that you sold. I did feel like a stalker but it was fun! Thanks again for all the great advice! My sales are not quite up to the Kelly threshold but I am making steady sales.

  14. Anonymous:
    For the last few weeks I've been posting 100-110 new items, plus all my relists. Usually I like to post between 60-70 items, that's a little more managable for me. My typical starting prices are 7-9 for jeans, skirts and pants. $7 for tops, $9 for jackets and suit coats, $9.99 for overall and denim jackets. If I'm not sure about a brand I search it under completed auctions to see what has sold in the past and for how much- This is how I figure out if I need to list it at maybe $14.99 or $24.99. You can see my items on ebay be going to the search box and clicking on advanced (next to the search box) you'll then select "by seller" and type in my seller name Skidoo3- All my stuff will come up- past and present. Good luck.

    Julie: I give my customers 3 days to pay. If you left off the due date, give them 7 days then open a case- If there was any misunderstanding they will usually pay once a case has been opened. If not, follow the ebay requirements for closing the case and then relisting or offering 2nd chance.

  15. Wow what a great week! Congratulations! I had been selling vintage linens on ebay, but thanks to you and Laura, I am now selling clothes! In Tennessee we have two 99 cent days at the Goodwill. Sunday's and Wednesdays. This makes it easy to hit some of the outlying Goodwills. Thanks to your "Trash to Cash Wednesday" I am learning some great brands! Thank you for doing this!

  16. Hi, love your blog and especially trash to cash on Wednesdays.You get great items at your Goodwill, there is just crap at mine but I am still trying. Thanks for all the advice and help. You are the best!

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