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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Let me introduce you to a few of my friends, although this first person you already know quite well.
Friend Kelly
A typical conversation with Kelly goes something like this -

Kelly: “So, what’d you find this weekend?”

Laura: “A ping-pong table for $20.00 bucks, how ‘bout you?”

Kelly: “Oh my gosh, these amazing frames, clothes for .50 cents and a dining room set for $5.00.”

Laura: “No way. What are you going to sell the dining room set for?”

Kelly: “Maybe $500.00.”

Laura: “Sweet.”

Kelly: “Yeah, I already have it on Craig’s list and have someone coming by later to pick it up.”

Laura: “You know the Eileen Fisher XL Silk Cream White Camisole Shirt I found last week out yard selling. It sold on EBay for $26.00.”

Kelly: “This week was the best for me too. I found Tommy, Chico’s, a dress from Anthropology. . .”

At this point one of us is interrupted by a kid, a spouse or I just jump in and interrupt Kelly because I have a disorder I call:
 I get so excited that I have to tell you how excited I am disorder.
Kelly and I don’t waste anytime. We got right into it.
My time with Kelly is the best. She’s so much fun and creative. I just bask in the whole adventure and enjoy every minute with her.  Kelly cleaned my toaster oven on my birthday; yeah, she's that great.
Friend Monica
Monica and I go way back.  We both served mission on Temple Square.  As the only vegetarian and hippie sister missionaries, we totally bonded over being slightly rebellious and have been best of friends ever since.  Last month, Monica asked if I’d participate in a triathlon with her. She wanted to do the running and biking portion of the event, but she’s not a swimmer.
I love to swim, so she asked me to swim the swimming portion of the event.
I’m not sure if loving to swim makes me a good candidate for a competitive swimming event, but I was really excited to relive my youth.
I swam a few laps in my pool for practice and thought “Alright, I’m ready for this.”
The morning of the triathlon, I drove past the elementary school and saw Kelly, working and getting ready for the fund-raising garage sale she and the PTO sponsored.
 Kelly is one of the hardest working people I know. I didn’t have time to stop, but I sent her a telepathic hug.
The swim, just the idea of the swim kept me up the night before worrying if I was a good enough swimmer, was so much fun. Plus, I got all tatoo-ed up.
 The triathlon was more for “promoting healthy living” then for competition, so I leisurely swam my portion of the event and let Monica do her thing; first burning up the bike trail and then smoking through the run.
Here we are with Monica's sisters, Carla and Renee.
We proudly wear the Chunky Chics shirt's Renee made.
Monica, thank you so much for letting me be part of this fun event.  You are such a beautiful person.
Friend Ashlee
My sweet friend Ashlee, a girl who just beams with joy.  Below is the link to her blog.

I know what you're thinking and yes, she really is this beautiful.  I grew up with Colin as my next door neighbor and I’ve know him since he was running around in diapers. Colin and Ashlee married several years ago and are so in love, it inspires me to be so in love with the people in my life. Both want to be parents and amazing parents they will be, but because of infertility, they have had to wait. They are currently hoping to adopt. I send prayers on their behalf.
Here they are with Little Sis.  Watch as Colin loves Eden into a trance.
A serious love trance.
I hope you become a follower of My Spoiled Eggs. Ashlee is a wonderful writer and does great give-aways.
She featured me on her blog here because I'm a mother and have really cute kids.  Thank you, Ashlee for writing such sweet things about mothering.
Friend Jeni
Jeni makes me laugh like I’m ten-years old again. We’ve been friends for almost 8 years. Read more about our little adventures here.
Jeni is currently sponsoring a bit of fun called “The Frasier Field Swap.”
 The swap is where each participant brings 3 items they no longer want. Put them in the pile and swap out 3 items you do want.
To make the event even more memorable, there’s a tweed theme.
 The swap takes place November 12, 2010 at 7:30pm.  Of course, there will be goodies and door prizes.  If your in the valley, please sign up here and come.  We'd love to see you and have you swap out some of our trash.
Friend Butler
Butler, as I call her, is another darling friend from my mission.  As missionaries, we got into the habit of calling each other by our last names instead of our first, so I don't even know Butler's first name (just kidding).
Don't let her crazy curly red hair fool you, she really is as feisty as it would suggest. We spent many nights caring for the stray cats we took in, dancing to the Sound of Music and dreaming of after our mission, finding prince charming and living happily ever after.
Butler lives in L.A., the land of the ultra cool and rich, so when she garage sales, it's always good.  On a whim, she mailed me two large boxes of her latest finds and asked if I'd post them on EBay for her.
Check out the good time we had making money off her trash.
These Brighton necklaces sold for $24.99 each.
This Women's Tablots Size 12 NWT Lace Cream $148 Silk Shirt sold for $20.50.
Friends and EBAy and blogging; and I've been able to meet so many friends because of blogging and EBay.  Who knows, I just might feature you next.


  1. Loved your post and you are amazing! Triathalon? Really?!! I'm exhausted just saying the word. Congratulations!

  2. Hi! I love reading your blog! You have inspired me to sell on ebay and things are going great! I had a quick question and needed an experts advice. If a customer wants a refund, do I refund them original shipping costs as well? Some customers can be frustrating. Thank you!

  3. Hello Carrie,
    I know, returns can be tricky. I try to be as gracious as possible, but no, I don't usually refund shipping unless I've made the mistake. Just keep your cool and you should get through this experience quickly.
    Thanks for reading My Dear Trash.

  4. Laura, I'm signed on for the Fraser Fields Swap. Can't wait to meet you there! :)