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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You can take the Girl out of Vintage, but you can't take the Vintage out of the Girl

Most of you know I absolutely love vintage clothing.  To me it speaks part attitude, part individuality and part fashion history. 
When I say vintage, I primarily mean retro, like from the 1960's 1970’s.
It’s difficult to find a picture of me in my vintage-wearing days.  Twenty years ago I didn’t carry a camera in my purse; ready to snap shots of anything blog-worthy.  But, back then I did have more fun with style because clothes meant something more then just what can I find that's clean
My favorite celebrity, and a vintage dresser at that, is Drew Barrymore. 
Her style screams individuality.  She takes risks with fashion and doesn’t let anyone tell her otherwise.  To me, her vintage style is what sets her apart from other Hollywood celebrities. 
She can afford whatever she wants, but Drew likes shopping the racks at the thrift store, consignment and vintage boutiques.
I’m sure she has a few personal shoppers who help.
I know there are quite a few ladies out there selling vintage on EBay or Etsy. 
How is that?
Most vintage stuff I find has some major flaw; a stain, missing buttons, rips or tears, but clearly, someone is finding vintage clothing to resale.  
I looked on EBay and found some vintage that caught my eye.  As a writer, I love the distinct language that goes with the vintage re-seller.
Think words like soutache ribbon, chiffon, sequin, hourglass, Lafayette, countess, dirndel, bust shelf, rockabilly, pin-up, tulle, gypsy, hippie and so on.
I just love these hard-to-find fashions.  Even with all the shopping I do, vintage finds don’t come easy. 
I remember what it felt like to get all dolled up, matching the bell-bottom jeans with the platform heels; all symbols of wild independence for a girl who couldn’t wait to find her slice of American pie.

Maybe vintage is just me re-living the glory days; like a thirty-something year old man who continually talks about the big high school football game where he played star quarterback.  
No, I don't think that's it at all.  I think vintage clothing is a symbol of  finding confidence and taking risks and on EBay, it can also mean making a lot of money.

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  1. You have to read "A Vintage Affair". It was an excellent novel I just read about a woman who opens a vintage clothing store and the stories that come to her through the clothes. A good read.