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Monday, October 4, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds

Another fun weekend garaging with Mr. Right. Here's some of our finds...The bench was just $2.00 and is some type of build your own kit they purchased from Home Depot. It's nice and study and will look great all painted up.
I've been planning a project with crates since I saw them in the pottery barn catalog. I picked up all 5 of these for $19.
These antique music books were just $1.00 and $1.50. They will be great for some future projects.
I absolutely LOVE Robeez for my toddlers. The only drawback... They cost $30 a pair. I picked these NEW Robeez up for $10 a pair (not a steal, but a fair price) I plan to sell the pair on the left (not my daughter's size) to pay for the pair on the right. (They go for approx. $20 each) But the find of the week...
Still new in the box...
A metal 1955 convertible pedal car for $40.00! I have always wanted to buy one of these for my little girls, but they are super expensive. This will be under the Christmas tree for my 19 month old. I also picked up a few clothing items for ebay and another christmas gift for one of my tweens (can't reveal right now- she might read this) All I can say is that I paid $10 and it sells new for $150- Gotta love those sales. Love, Kelly.


  1. A Pink Pedal Car? Seriously for $40.00?? What great luck!!! I love the pedal cars! I just want to have it around to look at. It would make me smile everyday!

  2. The crates are really cool. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Peddle car looks fun. Once again, I so love your finds.

  3. OH...What great finds!! And that car & pink with it, keep it in good condition & later re-sell...they go for hundreds

  4. What great buys! I love the pink pedal car. I had a red one when I was little.

  5. Great deals! I especially love the crates and music books. No one here to use the car, but oh it's so cute. You did well this past weekend!

  6. Wow great finds love the car and crates!!

  7. That pedal car is awesome! I'd be really jealous, but I have boys anyways.

  8. I had a pedal car when I was a young tot!!
    Very cool :) what did you find that was French?