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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fraser Fields Swap

My friend Jen is the type of person God knew I couldn’t live without.

Jen and I met 7 years ago when she, her husband and daughter moved from Logan to Mesa.

There was instant “friendship chemistry” and we started doing everything together. Our play dates and get-togethers were always productive and we decided to start up a business.

The Village Connection Nanny Agency, LLC was going to change the world and make us filthy rich. Jen’s background is in family development and mine is in communication. We were the perfect duo, the super hero’s of childcare. We built a website, contacted local advertising media and leased out an office in downtown Mesa. Our weeks consisted of Phoenix Chamber of Commerce networking events, meeting new clients and interviewing potential nannies. It was great, in a way.

Jen and I got bogged down with the paperwork, all the ins & outs of running a business and it took the fun out of what we were trying to accomplish. Before we knew it, we were burned out, like FRIED!

But we had so much fun together, neither one of us wanted to admit it.

And then we found an outlet that helped us balance the stress of our super, cool Village Connection Nanny Agency that wasn’t paying the bills yet.

It was the non-profit sector.

Jen and I started working with local non-profit literacy groups, running book drives and reading groups for kids. This was all done in the name of The Village Connection and we received great publicity for our efforts.

We signed up with Earth Day Arizona and the Childrens Health Environmental Coalition to sponsor a huge Earth Day event in downtown Scottsdale. All the while, we attracted a great clientele and started paying our bills, but still didn't enjoy the actual work the nanny agency forced us to do.

It’s funny, looking back at the three years we put into The Village Connection Nanny Agency, it should have been ultra-successful. We both gave 110%, but our heart wasn’t really into the “filthy rich” part, it was more into the “making a difference in out community” part.

Jen recently moved into a historical neighborhood in downtown Mesa. She loves it and like always, is making a difference in her community. She’s organized holiday bike rides, pot-lucks and The Frasier Fields Swap.

What is the Frasier Field’s Neighborhood Swap?

It’s a fun way to exchange something old for something new. It’s the green way to add a few new pieces to your home or wardrobe. Here’s how it works. Bring at least three items to the swap and exchange them for three items that other friends have brought to the swap. It’s a great way to de-junk your home and find that one of a kind item. Breakfast is included and there’s a $10.00 registration fee.

All the information can be found at

I attended the swap this last November. Below are the 3 things I brought out to swap.

I came home with some pretty snazzy items. My favorite swapped item? A new set of California King Satin Sheets. Or maybe it was the beautiful pottery barn-look-a-like baby crib; although I really loved the gorgeous dresser I swapped for too. Come to think of it, my favorite was probably the home-made cinnamon roles from Sweet Cakes.

Either way, it was a lot of fun and I meet so many nice people and well, let’s just say Jen knows how to party like a "swap” star.

Coming up on Saturday, February 27 at the swap, Jen is also featuring a dozen or so booths with ladies who make and sell handmade goodies on ETSY. Jewelry, hair accessories, nursing covers, baby blankets, fancy things, etc. And they will have some great specials running. My Dear Trash will feature a few of them this week with some great give-aways. Hooray!

To qualify for upcoming give-aways the rules are like always. Become a follower and leave a comment under any blog entry and you’ll be entered to win. More information to come.


  1. I'm so In! I'm going to scour the house for some great swap items.

  2. From what I hear and see on your have the greatest things!!