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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We all have the desire to create; to make something special. It doesn’t matter what stage in life we are in. We want to make our world beautiful. We want to express ourselves.

When I was twelve I received my very fist latch work kit.

Do you remember these things?

Images found here.

Oh, how I loved working on my latch work rug. I’d stay up late, sitting in my bed with the radio on. It was exciting as the rows of latched yard finally took on a picture. I wanted to latch work all the time. I wanted to collect every kit available.

My boys have taken to their own expressions of art. I love watching them create; their confidence growing with every experience.

Over Christmas break, Chandler googled NBA team logos, printed them off and colored them in. Yesterday, we took them into the copy store to have them laminated.

Chandler wanted to nail them up on his wall, as is.

All day long, I watched as he went back to the wall in his room, looking over his artwork and talking about the teams with Payson.

Payson, my little chef, really got into making Valentines Day cookies.

He made a plate of decorated cookies for his Uncle Sam. What a sweet expression of love.

Mayer came home from school as a heart. He wore this most of the afternoon and loved the compliments.

Reef is always creating.
Actually, I have to hide the markers from him or I get more then I bargained for.

When I’m pregnant, I feel more creative than usual. Creating a child with God is like holding hands with the boss and maybe His creative energy flows through me more. I like the term “nesting.” It's a perfect word for a woman on the verge of having a baby. I have a timeline in my mind as to when I want to get things done because the clock's a' ticking. I’m working, always working on a project. My new manuscript Stories of a Some What Successful Junk Collector is coming along nicely. My goal is to write this manuscript full of humor, something my boys will read and laugh out loud too.

Unlike my other manuscript Colors of the Sea, an 84,000 word count book, Stories of a Some-what Successful Junk Collector is going to be around 30,000 words, something a bit more manageable. It makes it easier to write and I feel good-humored already.

Send Kelly and I your creative outlets. We'd love to see and post them on My Dear Trash.

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  1. Laura: I loved your phrase "holding hands with the Boss." That's exactly how I feel when I'm expecting. Nothing short of spectacular, that miracle.
    And never partner Reef and Hyrum. Those two could do some serious damage. I've found that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers will work wonders, even on Sharpie marker on stained furniture. So. . . hope that helps.