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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sometimes I Win, Sometimes I Lose

Sometimes I get so excited about dear trash I find thrift store or yard sale shopping & I’m certain I’ve hit the jackpot.

When I first started this gig of listing on EBay, I had very little knowledge about name-brand fashion. All I knew was I loved to shop and I wanted to make money.

I'm taking a "blast to the past" to show some of my first listings on EBay and how our friends named "trial and error" really are the best teachers.

I remember when I found this Baby Phat velvet shirt. It was a sure thing; money in the bank.

And would you believe, it took three weeks of listing this shirt before I sold it for .99 cents.

I was certain this darling shirt from bebe that cost me $1.00 from Salvation Army would be going, going gone to the highest bidder. I'd been in the bebe store long enough to know their junk is expensive. I was ready to collect on my sweet find, but what happened was after a month I donated it back to the thrift store because it never sold.

Pac-man anyone? A huge cultural craze that I thought would sell well on EBay. It didn't and I gave the shirt to my brother. He thought it was pretty cool.

I remember feeling discouraged. This happened more than I want to admit, but I kept trying and things got better.

I about passed on this shirt from FLAX at Goodwill on $1.00 day. I'd never heard of the brand and as you can tell by the photo, it's a bit box-ey (not really my style). Still, I decided to give it a go and it ended up being a good thing. It sold for $22.00.

Later, I found this set of FLAX shirt's at Salvation Army for $1.00 each. As a set, they sold for $47.50. Thanks "trial and error" for stepping into my life and teaching me about Flax.

Bike shirts? I'm not a biker and I know no one who does bike, but when I found this shirt from Primal for $1.00 at Goodwill, I knew I had to give it a try on EBay. It sold for $14.50. I just love the ocean theme.

This find made me a believer in buying biking shirts, but really, should I try a brand named Horny Toad? Yes, Horny Toad, a clothing line somewhat similar to outdoor/hiking labels like Columbia or Patagonia. All you have to do is feel the fabric of Horny Toad to know it's top notch. I brought it home from Goodwill and listed it on EBay.

It sold for $18.00.

Some styles seem too outdated to even deal with, but you'd be surprised what people are looking for. I found these Ralph Lauren pleated high-waist tapered leg 100% wool pants at a yard sale. Who still wears these? Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Let's see what "trial and error" have to say?

On these pants I won and so did the sweet lady who still likes to dress from 1980. They sold for $9.99.

And these Ralph Lauren Denim pleated, high-waist cuffed shorts. They also made me a winner when they sold for $7.99.

Who still wears skorts? Anyone? They are so 1990's, but they sell on EBay. Some cute girl is strutting her stuff in these Banana Republic 100% rayon, dressy, short skorts that sold for $6.99.

And black velvet Gap overalls? I haven't seen these on anyone since I was in high school. These sold for $9.99 to a customer overseas.

More then not, I come across something that I'm not too sure about. Like this Mary Kay Blazer. Logic tells me enough women sell Mary Kay and logic also tells me Mary Kay must charge a fortune for these blazers. I gave it a go and it sold for $23.00.

I'm still not current on popular concert t-shirts, but for $1.00 I purchased this 1982 AC/DC concert t-shirt. Once listed on EBay, there was a ton of interest in it. It sold for $36.00.

I no longer have a photo of the Olivia Newton-John "Let's Get Physical" concert t-shirt I sold for $45.00 to a customer in Australia. Isn't that where Olivia Newton-John is from.

"Trial & Error" teach us what we're capable of. Whether training for a marathon, going back to school or making home-made bread, these type of experiences make us more confident in our abilities.

Trying something new is overwhelming and scary. I put off selling on EBay for years before I tried it. EBay is free to register and as user-friendly as turning on a garden hose. When things get tight financially or I want spare money for a vacation or a birthday party, I love knowing in a week, I can have the money in my pocket. I am no expert on EBay, but I love the experience. I still find plenty of dear trash out thrifting or yard sale shopping that I'm not sure about. "Trial & error" are still my teachers. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

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