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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What am I willing to pay full price for?

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I’ve looked on the cheap, waited to borrow and placed a hold at the library, but I had to buy, for full price, The Hunger Games. Have you heard about this book? I can't wait to read it.

It got me thinking. What am I willing to pay full price for?

Obviously, somethings are worth it. Like:

Cute, cute designer baby clothes, especially from boutiques ( love the babies)

A gift for a baby shower, wedding or birthday party

Music (currently the new CD from Corinne Bailey Rae)

Engraved necklaces from I Declare Charms (enter for our give-away by leaving a comment and becoming a follower and you can have this beauty for free)


The birth of a baby, actually I don’t have a choice about this, but still I’m willing to do it.

Organic, wholesome food

Chocolate, especially Rocky Mountain Chocolate to surprise the counselor

My Costco membership

Guacamole at my favorite Mexican hot spot, Los Sombreros

(Thanks, Susie. It's always so great to see you.)

Gold Canyon Candles (although I paid $1.00 for this at a garage sale this weekend)

A really good haircut

Basketballs (purchased almost weekly for obvious reasons)

Matrix Biolage Shampoo

Snowcones at the fair

Prenatal Vitamins

What will I never buy used?

A bed, pillows, underwear, protein powder (read the following entry and you’ll understand why.), make-up, electronics and prenatal vitamins.

What will I never pay full price for?

Silk Flowers (yep, all from Garage Sales)

Maternity clothes

Furniture (all used)

Pajamas for the boys (all from Goodwill)

A white-elephant gift (I have too many of these to count)

XXL dress shirts for the counselor

Halloween Costumes

Designer jeans

Designer handbags

Grooming for my dogs

Birthday dinners (Chandler's free birthday dinner at Red Robin)

Lemons (I have about 10,000 of them)

Knick-knacks at pottery painting shops (I just can’t do it)

Frozen yogurt (I can always find a coupon)

Printing copies of my manuscripts (price match or coupons)

Frames (I paid $2.00 for this at a garage sale and the original sticker on the back said $52.00)

Big wheels and tricycles (the kids playing follow the leader on Goodwill finds)

What are you willing to pay full-price for?

What will you never buy used?

What will you never pay full price for?

This could get really fun, so check in later to read through the comments.


  1. Shoot - Return the book! Spencer just bought it and finished it. It's sitting on the shelf!

  2. We have it, too, and my boys read it weeks ago. Shoot!
    And let's see--full price is just about anything that will save me time in the long run.
    Never full price--milk, unless it's an emergency Saturday night run.

  3. The book is AWESOME! I am going to read it more than once! I bought the first and second books for a pretty good price on Amazon. I have pre-ordered the 3rd book of the series on Amazon too. It's only $9 with a price guarantee. :)

  4. What a great post. Enjoyed all of it.

  5. I LOVED the Hunger Games! It was the next "good thing" I read after being ruined by the Twilight series.

  6. I enjoyed your post. I think for me it comes down to how much money I have at the time. If I'm low on cash, I love thrift store finds, but if I have a little money I'll buy new. I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt at a thrift store. I'm following you now!

  7. Loved Hunger Games; make sure you pick up the second one Catching Fire..just as good. I'm in a book club and I usually buy my books brand new because I hate waiting for them at the library. However I love love love old, vintage books. The older the better, I have an obsession with vintage miniature books too.

    I would never buy used underwear, although I've seen it at thrift stores before.