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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Top EBay Sells of the Week, plus another Great Give-Away. Meet Brooke from Design Stash.

It seems I was just at the post office with a stroller full of packages to ship, but here it is another week of EBay sales and another bin of packages ready to go out. My listings are steady, like a leaky faucet and it’s amazing how fast the weeks fly by (and I can even say this while pregnant). It would be so easy to take a week off EBay, but I’d miss it too much.

My top EBay sales of the week are as listed:

These Ralph Lauren Size 16W Jeans are in like-new condition and so cute. They sold for $26.49.

The law of averages pushed these Ann Taylor Petite Size 6 Tan Pants to sell for $16.50. Petite items can be hit or miss. This week, petites were a hit!

I found these Ralph Lauren Size 14 White Jeans last fall and wanted to wait until spring to post them. They sold for $10.50. What's interesting is after they sold I found the new tags hanging on the inside label of the jeans. These may have sold for more with a NWT listing, but I'm happy with the sell price anyway.

And finally, these two Ralph Lauren XL Men's Dress shirts sold as a lot of 2 for $14.99. I was hoping the counselor would wear him, but more and more its looking like he needs an XXL. That's the great thing about EBay. You bring something home from a yard sale or thrift store and it doesn't quite fit right, just post it on EBay and call it a day.

I am in love with the give-aways we have going on. I have another sweet lady who is setting up shop at the Fraser Fields Swap next weekend. Let's see what she has to share.

Let's meet Brooke from Design Stash.

Brooke's story is as follows:

"I started my business by first making banners for birthday parties, baby showers and holidays. Then after two boys I got pregnant with my first little girl and it was all over!! I was obsessed with finding cute and unique hair accessories to match the endless amount of outfits I was buying her! I couldn't always find what I wanted so I started making them....I started out with the traditional flowers with clips (I still love those and do sell quite a few, but I wanted to offer a more unique product) I then started making mini rosette headbands with all different kinds of fabric....satin, cotton, linen, tulle. I received so many compliments that I started selling them in my 'converted girly' banner shop (I now have two shops, one for banners, one for hair accessories).
My newest product is my flat rolled ribbon rosette headbands that I hope to make in lots of different colors...right now I have pink, coral, peach and yellow.
The biggest obstacle I've overcome is not letting others opinions govern what I do. I used to care so much about what others thought (on pricing, selection, quality) and now I just don't. I do what I do because I love it! :)
My best marketing tool has been Facebook for sure! I don't know why it took so long to start a fan page because it has resulted in so many new customers finding my shop and loving what I do. I love to also connect with photographers....I always offer a 20% discount on any purchase from a photographer if they are willing to share their images with me. A beautiful, quality photograph speaks a thousand words and makes my stuff look extra cute! :)
A little about me: I have two boys (6 and 3) and a baby girl (5 months) married to my best friend, J.J., for 8 years. I love to be with my family, shop, take trips and watch way to much t.v. I am also the Primary President in my church so I work with a little over 100 kids! That has been so much fun and keeps me really busy!"

Brooke is offering a $20.00 gift card to one lucky winner. Here are some cute headbands you could win with that generous offer.

So, become a follower today, leave a comment under any blog posting and you're entered to win from Design Stash. Visit Design Stash ( to see more of Brooke's treasures. Thanks, Brooke.


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