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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love You Frame Project

Here I go again with the frames! Remember this one from a few weeks ago? Brand new, $1.I knew I had to have it for a Valentine project for Mr. Right. Last year he moved into a new building at work and we've been trying to decorate his new space ever since. I saw this idea at Happiness is Homemade . She used her hands to spell "I Love You" So, after painting the girls nails red and figuing out a new way to make an "E" (Happiness is Homemade took a separate picture of each of her letters- I wanted mine to have one word in each picture and the "E" wouldn't work) we took a few pictures. I then sprayed the frame black to match Mr. Right's office and did a little distressing on the edges. Here's the finished project...
Here's an upclose. My little 6 year old was so proud of her "E's"I can't wait to give it to Mr. Right on Valentines Day- Total cost 1.59 plus a little spray paint.

P.S. I posted this a little later than usual because I was at Goodwill for $1 day. I've decided to take Laura's challenge. "Buy 20 items, post them on ebay and see what happens" I'm trying to get the family (all 7 of us) out to Florida to see my oldest daughter this summer. Between Park Hopper Passes, Hotels, Flight and Food, I'm gonna need all the help I can get. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Love, Kelly

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