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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Learn From the Past, Prepare for the Future

Here's the before picture of a frame I bought 2 weeks ago for $2. I love the quote by President Thomas S. Monson: Learn from the past, Prepare for the future, Live in the Present! So I knew this would be the perfect frame for that project.First thing I needed was a piece of wood that would fit the frame. Lo and behold the drawers on the free dresser I picked up at a garage sale couldn't hold my spray paint and the bottoms fell out.(Go figure- it was free) I just had to cut off a few inches (I'm very savy when it comes to the power tools now) and it fit perfectly.First I painted the drawer bottom creamy white, applied my vinyl quote, and then painted everything with Rustoleums Semi Gloss black. I peeled off the vinyl so the creamy white would show through and distressed the edges a little. Here's the final product...

Some have asked, "Why don't you just use the vinyl lettering, rather than do the paint and
peel?" I love vinyl, but generally I only have black, white and pink. By doing the paint and peel, you can make the letters any color you want (as long as you have the paint) Hope you enjoyed. Love, Kelly

FYI: The long awaited "Family Rules" tutorial is coming tomorrow!

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  1. I came across you through Jenny Dentons blog, and I LOVE the stuff you guys do. I especially love this quote and the way you did it. I truly admire your saviness and artistic abilities! You find some real "treasures" in your garage saling and thrifting. I clearly need some lessons.

  2. Kelly, this is amazing. Can you imagine how much this would cost if your tried to purchase it new? You save a bundle and your home is covered in treasures. Wow. I love it.

  3. I too am amazed at what you find at yard sales. Most everything I come across looks like junk. I need your eye.

  4. Where did you get that picture frame? it is really cute?

  5. Mela, The picture frame was picked up at a yard sale for $2.00

  6. thanks. Very cue. I didn't mean to put a question mark at the end of the last sentence. I meant to say it is really cute. :0)