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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The 14 Days of Valentines or Not

Valentines Day is this weekend. Other then buying and eating Valentines candy, I haven’t even thought about doing anything for Valentines Day.

That is until I ran into a beautiful friend of mine, a friend who’s not married, but she is dating a cute boy.

“I’m doing the 14 days of Valentines with my boyfriend,” she says to me, somewhat giddy.

“What’s the 14 days of Valentines?” I ask.

She smiles and it’s obvious she really likes her cute boy.

“February 1 thru Valentines Day, I do something special for him every day. Last night we snuck into a golf course and went golfing and tonight I’m making sugar cookies and dropping them off at his house.”

Hmm. How interesting, I think.

“So, you do something special for him for 14 days?” I slowly ask, like I’m trying to figure out some difficult formula.

I have a man in my life I love to pieces.

We've been married for 11 years & I have nothing planned for Valentines Day. What is wrong with me? Where has my creative gene gone?

When I was dating, I would have loved to do the 14 days of Valentines. Back then I was the queen of thoughtfulness, so sweet was I, taking time to put on lip gloss and earrings. Today I’m just happy if I’m wearing clean clothes.

Now, I found out about the 14 days of Valentines on February 8th and somehow felt cheated. Then I forgot about it all together. Today is February 11th. Can I do the 3 days of Valentines? Somehow that seems pathetic, doesn’t it?

The counselor loves lots of things.

He loves me.

His children


Arizona Highways photography

And dark chocolate

Today I stopped off at Trader Joes and bought every package of dark chocolate available. This should make me feel better, but I still feel like I cheated him somehow.

Maybe if I display the chocolate in some cute basket, or maybe a vase, like a chocolate bouquet.


Maybe I’ll just open the chocolate and eat it myself.

Funny thing is, I always find the counselor gifts. I bring presents home weekly. I find the coolest stuff out thrifting, like XXL name-brand shirts and 38x34 designer jeans, photography books and Phoenix Suns ties, Arizona Wildcat sweatshirts and Nike basketball shorts. I am the queen of giving gifts on non-holidays and non-birthdays. I’m the gift-giver most days, but for Valentines Day I’m a blank. Valentines Day requires a bit more then just picking up something on the go.

I do have a computer and I love to write.

Tonight, I think I’ll stay up late and write the counselor a love letter.

A letter that says I appreciate the way he loves me, that he tells me I’m beautiful every day, how he pretends like I don’t have veracious veins and he gives feedback and encouragement for every novel I start. I love how he makes me and the boys a priority, that he shows us we’re all his #1’s. I love him for making my dreams come true and for making me a better person and for making cute babies with me.

And we’ll read the love letter together and eat dark chocolate. He'll put his hand on my belly and maybe feel his baby move.

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  1. Sweeet!

    But now that you've told us about the 14 Days of Valentine's on the 11th, I guess we have to wait till next year to try it out as well.