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Monday, February 8, 2010

Hijacked -- but for good...

Yes, hello. My name is Heather & my sister-in-law, Laura, is the author of this fancy place. I've decided today would be a delightful day to abuse my guest author permissions & hijack her blog. :) So bear with me... it is for a wise purpose.

Now, we all know Laura to be
kind, giving, creative, compassionate, thrifty & most of all lovable. So when I saw a contest to win a Newborn Photo Session with one of the valley's most sought after photographers, Holly Brimhall, it was a no brainer who I'd nominate.


So I'd encourage you all to take a moment to visit this SITE & vote for our dear friend to win this fabulous prize. After birthing FOUR rambunctious boys I think a gift like this is the perfect way to celebrate her conception of her precious baby girl. After all, the brief time we have with these bitty creatures is so fleeting, how memorable it would be to capture these images for all of time in the most beautiful of ways. I believe you deserve it Laura & I'm quite sure so do all of your loyal readers.

Thank you for your time. And please, VOTE for LAURA!

Love you La La...



  1. I agree, and I voted. (Even though I have my own little one. . . See how unselfish! ;)

  2. I just tagged you come see my blog!