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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Baby is growing up and a Master Bedroom Redo

Change is good, Right? I find myself asking this question several times a day. Now that my 20 year old has moved to Florida for her Disney internship we had the opportunity to do a little bedroom shuffle. The 11 would move into the 20's room and the baby would move out of our room in with the 6 year old. I've been looking forward to this prospect for weeks. Maybe she'll sleep through the night if we're not in the same room. Maybe we can go into our own room without tip-toeing and whispering in fear of waking her up. Mr. Right moved the crib last Thursday and then left to go out of town. First night- Slept all the way through! Perfect. On Saturday I decided I'd move all of her clothes over to her new room- who would have thought this would be so emotional. Even though she now wears 18-24 months size clothes, I had postponed packing away all of her newborn outfits. As I folded each little item I remembered how tiny she used to be, how I'd sit and hold her for hours- Now she's learning to walk and doesn't sit still for a minute. My Baby isn't going to be a baby for very long
I just bought the next size up in diapers!Her cute closet that I spent so many hours organizing and labeling was empty

and her clothes were now hanging in the big girl closet.
Her crib is gone and now the room feels empty.
Wait! Did someone just say empty room? I know the perfect way to make myself feel better... I little decorating make-over. Thank goodness I found this shelf this week for just $5. A little black spray paint and it will be perfect

Here's our new sanctuary.
Starring: Candlesticks that were $1 each, small urn $1, Twine ball- whole bag for $3, Old clock $1, Frame with quote, $1 plus a little time on my cricut machine. Two tierd table $5 ( I had planned on painting this to match the other one in this post, but I think it really looks good in our master bedroom)
Maybe change is good! Love, Kelly

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  1. Awww! This is so precious! What a nice corner now though! She may be out of your room but she will always NEED her mama! What a lil sweetie girl she is! Hugs to you hun!

  2. I'm not looking forward to feeling like that in a year . . . just let it pass slowly.

  3. Your little nook looks warm and inviting. I love the new look.

  4. So sweet. My baby isn't even born yet, but I know time will fly once she's here.

  5. Looks like you made your new space perfect for you! SCORE on your bargains too! Thanks for sharing at the Power of Paint Party!