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Monday, February 1, 2010

Rejections Vs. Blessings. Which One Comes Out The Winner?

It’s always best to keep things in perspective.

Rejection letter #30:

Dear Writer:

Thank you for your query, but I don't think I would be the best match in this instance.

I wish you luck finding the right home for your work.

Kind regards,

Agent Q

Blessing (too many to count)

Flowers from the counselor. Tulips!

Rejection letter #31:

Dear Author,

We'd like to thank you for sending your query, which we enjoyed reading. After careful consideration, X just doesn't feel he is the right agent to represent your book. Due to the volume of material we receive, we are unable to respond in detail to each submission, but we wish you much success in placing your work elsewhere.

Signed, Agent R

Blessing (too many to count)

Strawberry Brownie Shish-ka-bobs. Thanks, Debbie

Rejection #32

Dear Laura

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to consider your book, but I'm sorry to say that I don't feel strongly enough about this project to offer representation.

Good luck in your search for an agent and publisher.

Agent S

Blessing (too many to count)

A dear friend planting flowers in my own little Garden of Eden.

“For the baby girl,” she says.

Thanks, Amberlee

Rejection # 33

Dear Writer,

Thank you for your submission. It has been forwarded to our editors for their review.

Agent T

Blessing (too many to count)

Watching Payson play with a baby, a really cute baby.

Rejection # 34

Dear Laura,

Thank you for sharing COLORS OF THE SEA with me, and for your patience while I considered it.

Unfortunately my final reaction is that I would not be able to place the book to your or my satisfaction in the current difficult and competitive publishing market. I am sorry to disappoint you. Obviously opinions about written work vary, and someone else could well have a different response. I’m grateful for the opportunity you offered, and I wish you success.

Signed, Agent U

Blessing (too many to count)

Chandler mowing the lawn for the first time.

Rejection # 35

Dear Laura,
Thank you for sending your manuscript for my review. I read it over
the weekend, and I really enjoyed it. Our obstacle is that I really
don't think Publishing House X could promote it like it deserves. We have
turned exclusively to non-fiction titles (except for a series I am
writing) and so we don't have the connections for fiction reviews and
promotions that other publishers have. So we won't be accepting the
manuscript for publication, but it certainly deserves to be published. 

Blessing (too many to count)

Swap meet with Mayer and Reef.
We found a lot of great loot this weekend at the Mt. View High School swap meet.  
Thank heavens I had the stroller for the cool cars Mayer & Reef 
found.  We picked all these up for around $45.00.
It's Christmas in January and why shouldn't it be!  
I found the counselor just what he needed: XXL Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve Shirts for $1.00 each. He looks so cute in designer clothes.
And this beautiful crystal butterfly sun catcher for baby girl's room. It's really heavy and that spells quality.
For $1.00, I picked up the Coco Chanel necklace. I'm sure it's a knock-off, but you really can't tell, can you?
And for my sweet friend, Kelly, I found this enormous, fabulous with tons of potential frame. I can't wait to see what she does for it. I paid $10.00.
Don't feel to bad for me. These rejection letters have come over the past year, but the blessings keep coming every day. There may be too many to count but not too many to thank Heavenly Father for.


  1. Blessing will always far outweigh the rejections. Good for you for having a positive attitude!

  2. I think it's funny to hear what an experienced trash collector thought of the swap meet. I walked through in about 10 minutes, leaving empty-handed. Lack of creativity and lack of desire to scrounge. Glad it was good for you!

  3. I've been reading your blog for a little while now, and I really like the fun projects you have and the way you turn junk into beauty. I'm also interested in writing--I have published and edited essays and poetry, and I'm starting to dabble in fiction. And I have a couple of questions about your writing process and what you've done to get your novel to this point. Do you have a writer's group? How many drafts did you do of this novel that you're submitting? and how did you know when it was really ready to query? And do you have a favorite agent blog (I've just gotten into reading agent blogs, which is ironic since I have nothing anywhere near ready to submit).

    I have a hard time making time to write and actually finishing anything, and so big kudos to you for being far along in your writing journey.

    :-)--Emily M

  4. I say get started on your second book! Rest a little from the rejections and let the economy pick up! I have a friend that is in publishing and they are going through a lot of layoff's. This may not be the time for a company to take on a new writer. My husband is in a partnership of a series of books and they decided to self-publish. (It is a non-fictional series). They are getting the name out there and getting quite a few sales, just by self-publishing.
    I really think it is the economy! Get that second book going!

  5. My friends are beginning to complain that I'm a hoarder. Actually it's my husband. I do find things in 'bulky pick-up' that people just set out on the curb. I've got a great game hutch, a butcher block table, and a corner shelf unit totally free from it. Much of that stuff is only waiting for me to re-paint it and give away to some lucky sod.